The Banker Trailer: Jackson & Mackie Team Up For Apple TV PLus Movie!

The Banker Trailer

Apple TV has launched trailer #1 for an upcoming movie “The Banker”. This trailer is now running and streaming by the Apple TV plus. Moreover, George Nolfi famous for the Adjustment Bureau is going to direct the movie. And Joe Viertel will be the producer of this upcoming Hollywood release.

In this upcoming movie, both the stars Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie are planning together to start banking of the 1950s in America. The plot of “The Banker” has been picked from a real story.

The trailer of the movie is 2 and a half minutes long which shows you the clip of the original film of Apple TV. The Banker has decided to blackout “Hollywood’s American Film Festival” on 21st November 2019. The film will follow the two Africans entrepreneur who wants to overcome the limitations of the banking system in the 1960s. Both the businessman are trying to facilitate the people of America and Africa by giving them loans under the Jim Crow Texas.

Samuel L. Jackson uploading an official tweet about the movie as under:

As I explained that it is a genuine story in which these two partners are hiring a white to schedule out their business empire. Moreover, the movie is going to premiere very soon on 6th December 2019. And it will hit the Hollywood theatres in the last of December and will nominate an award show 2019. I hope, you will enjoy the release at the end of this year.


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