Lucy Hale’s Movie Fantasy Island 2020 Trailer Released

fantasy island 2020

Lucy Hale’s film Fantasy Island is near to release. People think about the Herve Villechaize screaming a plane. It is because the actor did for seven years on the hit show ABC of the same name.

It was about island people who could travel to live out their fantasies. Therefore it is popular because it was also a popular show from 1977 to 1984.

Now the fantasy island is back in 2020. Jeff Wadlow is the director of the film, and Wadlow, along with Jillian Jacobs, and Chris Roach, wrote it.

In the cast star of the popular cultural film Michael Pena, Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, Jimmy O.Yang, Michael Rooker, Ryan Hansen, and many more are included.

The film is the idea of living out your fantasies that filtered out through a modern lens. In this century, people don’t want to do good things; they just wish for bad stuff. So here you can watch the trailer of the first new horror film.

The movie is all about the tourists fulfilling fantasies, and some look murderous. The difference is that some don’t know what they are exactly getting where they are, and that’s a little twist in the movie.

It even looks like there could be some supernatural elements in there.

There could also be some supernatural elements in the film. So just wai of the film. It will open on 14th February 2020.


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