Red Dead Online Launches New Legendary Bounty and Fear of the Dark Mode Event!

Red Dead

Be ready to ride your horse through Red Dead Online as Rockstar launches “Fear of the Dark” mode on the Eve. They update it just for this Halloween. A new mode of the game is going to launch. This will add more thrill and adventure to the game. And the players will have to fight against supernatural powers strongly.

Moreover, skull masks of the Night Stalkers are get attached to their powers. And this edition has a limited time offer on Red Dead Online. More masks weaken the powers of these Night Stalkers and at that time the hunter’s weapon will get more power.

Therefore, if you want to get this mode then first, you have to collect more masks and kill all remaining Night Stalkers to win. Whereas, the Night Stalkers have two ways for victory. One is wipes out the hunters/players or second is to survive until the going on the timer has expired.

You can get the Fear of the Dark from now and it will close on 12th November 2019 on Red Dead Online.

Moreover, the game will include more bounty missions that can inspire the hunters more and more. Bounty Boards have conjointly been updated with new a Legendary Bounty for Tobin Winfield. And you can see him around Thieves’ Landing. There’s a conjointly new article of clothing obtainable together with a brand new Weekly Collectible List obtainable for players.

Moreover, you can see a new trailer released to get more updates about the upcoming “Fear of the Dark” and it will explain to you all.

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