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Sustanon 250 Cycle

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A steroid, testosterone, is sold under a brand name, Sustanon 250. It is injectable and is used to remedy a condition of low testosterone in men. It is produced as a combination of four esters. An ester helps regulate the release of the steroid into the body. A single ester combination can serve the needs of the body and this is why some single ester combinations are sold as single drugs. In this article, you will know about your Sustanon 250 cycle.

Sustanon 250, combining four esters, offers a benefit that cannot be gotten from using just one ester combination. Different esters act in different ways; that is, they regulate the release of testosterone in different ways. These different ways of release, with regards to timing, is the reason they are categorized as fast-acting, mid-acting and long-acting.

The fast-acting ester in Sustanon 250 is called, Testosterone Propionate. The amount present is 30mg and it has a half-life of just two, at the most three, days. This ester begins to work immediately once Sustanon 250 is injected by releasing testosterone immediately into the blood stream. In about 24 hours of injecting it, your testosterone level rises.  However, its effect fizzles just within two days or thereabout. 

A drug that consists of just Testosterone Propionate would mean you would be needing daily injections. Sustanon 250 saves you from this because other esters are there to take over from the first ester and continue from where it stopped.

Understanding the Relay

The ester that takes over the baton from the first in this Sustanon 250 relay is Testosterone Isocaproate, with a content size of 60mg. With a 4 days half-life, it is mid-acting and extends the supply of testosterone beyond where the first got to. It is only found in drugs like Sustanon 250 as it cannot be sold alone as a drug.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate, also with a quantity of 60mg, acts slower than its two previously mentioned colleagues. It takes as much as three weeks to completely complete its action. This means that for the period of about three weeks, the body will have a constant provision of this much needed male hormone.

The fourth ester present in Sustanon 250 is Testosterone Decanoate which makes up 100mg of the drug content. Acting slowly but lasting longer, it helps maintain the availability of testosterone for its half-life of 20 days and more. It is also not sold as a single drug so Sustanon 250 is one of the rare ways you can take advantage of it. 

When you add 30mg + 60mg + 60mg + 100mg, you get 250mg. You can now see how 250 became a part of the name – Sustanon 250. In combing these four esters, it hopes to provide the duo of quick releases of hormones at peak levels as well as sustained supply for up to 20 days and more. The implication of this is that once you inject it, there is no sudden waning of its effect after few hours or days; rather, you have a continuous impact for almost a month, saving you the need for frequent injections.

You can go here to know more about this supplement.

Pros and Cons

Sustanon is testosterone without mixture. Some other steroids introduce twists in their bid to make modifications. Since this product is pure, it brings quite a number of considerable advantages. These advantages are focused on the following:

  • Quick muscle repair and growth due to an increased protein synthesis.
  • Help with the retention of nitrogen which is usually lost during active exercise.
  • Promoting of bone health, nerve tissue health, and boosts ligament strength with body mass.
  • Other benefits can be seen in greater sexual libido and higher fertility.

Like every other thing, it has some side effects some of which are potentially serious. Testosterone aromatizes, that is it converts into estrogen – the female hormone. This could result in enlarged breasts, retention of water, a bloated look and high BP. On the other side, it could result in baldness, acne and for females, a masculine look. Still on side effects, it can reduce HDL, your good cholesterol. It can also destroy the production of natural testosterone in the body, leaving a situation where you may need to continue to artificial supply this hormonal need.

So, while it comes to the rescue to give you a boost, it would be very needful you are equally aware of its other sides. Once you have a good understanding of how to use it to maximize its benefits and reduce its side effects, you can join the millions whose lives have gotten better using Sustanon 250 cycle.



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