Spotify New Family Premium Plan at Just Rs. 179/Month Now In India


Spotify introduced a new Premium Family plan in which you just have to pay Rs 179 per month in India. On Tuesday, Spotify made this announcement in which you can get more music content to share.

With the help of a Family premium plan on Spotify, all the family members will be able to choose and customize their music streaming in the house. You won’t have to worry about the ads while playing the music which will provide you amazing music experience. Spotify was launched in India in February this year where its price was at Rs 119. There were some student discounts which was available on Spotify. There were some upgrades to the Premium Family Plan on Spotify. It has parental controls, Family Mix, and Family Hub options. Spotify was launched in 2014 Globally. If you are interested in this new offer then you can subscribe to it on the Spotify Premium Family page, where you will get the first three months for free.

Nowadays many families are trying to stop their children to watch TV all the time and with the help of music, you can bond with your family members. You can still enjoy listening to various types of music on Spotify.

The Premium Family Plan from Spotify has received a lot of positive feedback when it was launched in India. In India, culture family bonding is very important and music has always been a part of Indian culture. With the help of new music, you can enjoy listening to it with your family members. Every person can listen to unique songs which they like.

By subscribing to this plan on Spotify you will get access to 50 million songs and 450k podcasts. When you get a subscription for Premium Family Plan on Spotify then everyone will get an individual account where you can create up to six accounts.


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