Nia Renee Hill — All the things you need to know about Bill Burr’s lovely Wife of 9 years

Nia Renee Hill
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What do you think about Bill Burr and his top-most American Comedy that has been ranked worldwide for a decade? Well! How can we forget that this legendary comedian landed one of the most beautiful women as his Wife in 2013? Yes! The lucky couple is none other than Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr. 

On one hand, Bill Burr has spelled all the beans about his professional and personal life on the stage, filled with a great & tasteful sense of humor. We know that Burr’s fans are barely aware of Who Nia Renee Hill? However, this does not stand for that they do not want to know more about this amazing woman who has been spotted multiple times with American comedian — Bill Burr.

Thanks to our celebrity-research experts, today we present to you a brief guide on — Who Nia Renee Hill is? Let’s dive into some of the basic as well as shocking revelations about Bill Burr’s Wife. Here we go — 

Who is Nia Renee Hill? 

To begin with, Nia Renee Hill is popularly acknowledged as Bill Burr’s Wife/better half. However, people do not know that Nia is that she is a multi-talented woman. That’s right! She has been prospering her career as a Hollywood Actress, Film Producer, Director, and Writer. 

In the event that you haven’t watched Nia Renee Hill on the big screen, it is time to give her big-time applause for her outstanding performance on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet. Not only this, but she has also been a crucial face of HBO’s latest show called CRASHING. Further ahead, her appearances in movies like Long Distance, Lila, and Do you look for work this week? has left a shade in the minds and hearts of her fans. 

Nia Renee Hill
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According to the inside details, Nia Renee Hill originally belonged to Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She was born and brought up there by her parents (Ms. Loretha Gaskill and Mr. Ben Hill) in Boston. She commenced in this world on June 2nd, 1969 which makes her a Gemini. 

You will be surprised to know that Nia Renee Hill’s father, a.k.a. Ben Hill, has remained in the comic industry of America for decades. His role as a comedy manager has bestowed him with amazing connections in the given industry. Hence, no doubt that Nia Renee Hill came across one of the biggest American comedians Bill Burr and they fell in love immensely. 

What’s more?

Yet, of course, Nia Renee Hill’s life has not been easy. During her childhood, she witnessed her parents divorce due to their personal differences. Young Nia, coupled with her mother, only visited her father on Weekends in Los Angeles.

However, these days were always precious to Nia as she got to explore the Arts Industry of America. She obtained motivation to pursue her career in the industry thanks to her father, Ben Hill. On the contrary, she also accompanied her mother and new stepfather in Boston.

From Nia’s mother’s second marriage, Nia also has a brother named Trey. As her first step in film production, Nia also co-founded the Tenderheaded Films production. However, it has not been active since 2013. 

BIOGRAPHY — Nia Renee Hill  


Full name Nia Renee Hill
Follow on Instagram @niasalterego
Follow on Twitter @niasalterego
Available on OnlyFans NO
Follow on TikTok @niasalterego
Follow/Subscribe on YouTube Nia Renee Hill
Nickname Nia
Birthday June 2th, 1969
Born in (Birthplace) Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Height 5’8’’
Weight 65 KG
Body measurement 34-28-40 inches (Breast-Waist-Buttocks)
Best features Black Eyes, Black Hair, and Well-built body
  • Actress
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Published Author
  • YouTube Podcaster
Educational background Undergraduate 
School studied in
  • Greensville County High School
  • Emerson College of Boston
Parents Ms. Loretha Gaskill and Mr. Ben Hill
Siblings NA
Net Worth $1.2 Million
Boyfriend/Husband Bill Burr


Image credit: Twitter
Kids Lola Burr (daughter, 5 years old)

Bill Burr Jr. (Son, 2 years old)

Nationality Afro-American 
Ethnicity Afro-community
Parents-in-Law Ms. Linda Wigent and Robert Edmund Burr
Social Activity Feminism & fight against racism
Husband’s Net Worth $12 Million


How old is Nia Renee Hill? Is she older or younger than Bill Burr? 

Tall and beautiful Nia Renee Hill turned 52 years old on June 2nd, 2022. As mentioned before, she was born in Boston. However, she currently lives in Los Angeles with her beloved husband and America’s one of the top-ranking comedians Bill Burr. Did you know? Nia’s husband, Bill Burr, was born to his parents on June 10th, 1968 Canton, Massachusetts, the USA.

Currently, Bill Burr is 54 years old. The couple only shares a one-year age gap and are happily married. It is rather a coincidence that both celebrate their birthdays eight days apart from each other. Isn’t that the definition of soulmates? 

Surprisingly enough, in 2022, Nia Renee Hills’ daughter turned five years old. Also, her son (born in 2020) is now two years old. Seeing this couple tie knots back in 2013 sounds like yesterday. Time flies!

What are Nia Renee Hill Height, Weight, and Body Measurements? 

Nia Renee Hill, Wife of Bill Burr, stands 5’8″ tall. In meters, that measurement is 1.73. On the contrary, her husband Bill Burr’s height is 5’9″. Isn’t it perfect? They are only 2 inches apart and look beautiful together on the red carpet. 

Nia Renee Hill is also acknowledged for her amazing features such as her black complexion, well-built body, and an ear-to-ear smile. Do you know? Nia Renee Hill gained some weight after giving birth to her son in 2020. She weighed approximately 85 kilograms in 2021. However, after her amazing weight loss journey, she is only 65 kilograms with a perfect lean body and well-built muscles. 

She has a beautiful and astonishing body figure. Her measurements are 34-28-40 inches (Breast-Waist-Buttocks). On the contrary, her husband Bill Burr has an average gym-built body. He is quite tall & has a fair complexion. He regularly shaves his head. Further ahead, he has light brown eye color. 

Are Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr from different ethnicities? What are those? 

Well! The answer is yes. To begin with, Nia Renee Hill comes from Black Community. She is an American Citizen as she was born in Boston in 1969 to her American parents. Originally, she strongly held the grasp of Afro-American ethnicity. In contrast, her husband Bill Burr holds mixed ethnicities. According to the inside details, Burr’s parents/grandparents/ancestors belonged of German plus Irish descent. Hence, so does he!

Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr’s kids are of Afro and German+Irish descent which is without a doubt a new beginning. 

Did you know? Bill Burr’s parents, Linda Wigent and Robert Edmund Burr were a nurse and a dentist respectively. Both Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill come from highly educated and liberal families. 

What is Nia Renee Hill’s Educational Background? 

As mentioned, Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr come from educated and liberal families. Since childhood, Nia Renee Hill has held a keen interest in academic studies as well as art. During an interview, Ms. Hill shared that she used to explore the entertainment industry in Los Angeles on weekends with her father Ben Hill who was a big-time comedy manager. 

Image credit: Twitter

Growing up, during academic studies, Nia Renee Hill participated in multiple school dramas as a writer, producer, director, and actress. Theaters & performance was her favorite school activity. She attended Greensville County High School. Further ahead, for higher education, she also attended Boston’s Emerson College and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. On the side, she also obtained her professional acting skills by joining the Los Angeles School of Acting. Following this, she pursued her career in acting & writing. 

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know? Bill Burr also went to Emerson College in Boston. He completed his academic (high school) at Canton High School (Massachusetts) in 1987. 

How did Bill Burr meet his Wife, Nia Renee Hill?

When it comes to adorable couples in America’s entertainment industry, their first encounter is always a topic of curiosity. Do you also want to know the amazing first meeting of Bill Burr and his now Wife Nia Renee Hill? Well! Here we go —

To begin with, Nia met Bill Burr for the first time at Emerson College of Boston. Both completed their high school in the same year from different schools. But joined Emerson College of Boston to pursue a Bachelor of Arts. According to the inside details, Bill Burr has often confessed that his Wife, Nia Renee Hill changed his opinion about women and marriage in the long run. He loves her immensely. 

What does Nia Renee Hill do for a living? What are her films & TV Shows? 

As mentioned before, Nia Renee Hill holds multiple interests and is pursuing her career in multiple fields. According to the details, she has been an actress whom you may have watched in — Santa Clarita Diet, Crashing, Lila, and Long Distance. Apart from this, recently, she has also become a Netflix fame for the American anime sitcom F is for FAMILY. It is created and written by Nia Renee Hill’s husband, Bill Burr. In this series, Nia is the voice of the protagonist’s Wife. She started as a voiceover actress in 2017. 

Moreover, Nia Renee Hill is also running a YouTube Original called “You Welcome” in coordination with Marcella Arguello. Click here to check it out —

Did you know? Nia Renee Hill is also embracing her side as a writer and blogger online. She also owns a website by the domain where she often shares her thoughts and findings on feminism as well as racism. Nowadays, Nia Renee’s thoughts on women’s independence after marriage and the freedom to become the breadwinner are going viral on the internet. 

Bill Burr himself is seen supporting his Wife on her thoughts of racism and feminism during his shows and guest appearance. They are simply made for each other. 

What is Nia Renee Hill Net Worth 2022? 

Having been involved in multiple sub-fields of work in the entertainment industry, fans are trying to create an estimate of Nia Renee Hill’s earnings. So, how much money does Ms. Will Hill actually earn? Want to find out? Let’s take a glance — 

To begin with, Nia Renee Hill Net Worth in 2022 stands at 1.2 Million USD. According to the inside details, Nia has earned all her net worth through her work as a supporting or lead actress in movies and TV Shows. Further ahead, one of her income sources is also book publishing. She is a published Author. Her latest book, Love and Beauty, is also popular among the youth. 

Nia Renee Hill
Image credit: Global Stardom

For the most part, Nia Hill also earns a good part of her income through her voiceover role in F is for FAMILY, which is a famous Netflix sitcom created by Bill Burr. She is the voice of Georgia Roosevelt. Her appearances on the show are not consistent. Apart from this, Nia also runs a youtube channel by her name, which has over 100K subscribers. On her youtube profile, she often uploads Bill Burr’s comedy show glances. 

What is Bill Burr’s Net Worth 2022? 

Without a doubt, Bill Burr has a bigger career than Nia Renee Hill, his Wife. Hence, fans also keep an eye on Bill Burr’s earnings and desire to know his bank balance. What do you think — how much is it? Well! You don’t need to guess because we have all the details here today —

To begin with, according to the latest American comedian net worth estimation 2022, Bill Burr’s Net Worth 2022 stands at $12 Million. That’s right! Bill Burr’s Net Worth is approximately nine times that of Nia Renee Hill’s Net Worth. 

Did you know? Bill Burr has multiple large sources of earnings which includes brand endorsement details, Comedy shows, tv show production, Netflix comedy specials, and so on. Inside details reveal that for a single comedy show, Bill Burr charges $1 Million. That’s the beginning. Further ahead, his roles in movies and tv shows also earn upto $5 Million for a single role. You will be surprised to know that Bill Burr has worked as an actor/producer/director/writer (either) in top-notch movies and tv shows such as — Old Dads, Dogs, Walk of Shame, Standup Guys, Datenight, and so on. 


Q. Who Is Nia Renee Hill?
A. Nia Renee Hill is the Bill Burr’s wife.

Q. How old is Nia Renee Hill?
A. She is 54 years old.

Q: How tall is Nia Renee Hill?
A: Nia Renee Hill is about 5 feet 8 inches.

Q. How much is Nia Renee Hill’s Net Worth?
A. Nia Renee Hill has a net worth of 1.2 million dollars.

Q. How many followers does Nia Renee Hill Have?
A. She has over 200K followers.


With that being said, today’s journey of knowing one of the best couples in the entertainment industry ends here. Do you want to know more about Nia Renee Hill’s upcoming movies and Bill Burr’s new Netflix comedy specials? If yes, stay tuned to our website and get daily updates. Bookmark us today and open this page for a surprise update that will leave you waiting for the next gossip. Thank you!


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