Crown Season 3 Enjoy Stills Before Release: Olivia Colman On Being Queen!

The Crown Season 3

Crown Season 3 a few days far from the premiere. It is almost on hand now. But still, the season gives several surprises to the fans by throwing a stunt one by one. As stills for the Crown Season 3 has been released before the season’s premiere. And it exhibits the last moments of the series very beautifully. As it shows you some rememberable moments of Prince Charles along with Queen Elizabeth ii, Prince Margaret, Prince Philip, and others.

However, previously, it was announced that the shooting for the third and fourth seasons has been finished at the same time. Due to which fans have to wait long for the new run of the series. The accomplishment of both the seasons causes to delay the third season.

Therefore, the trailer for the Crown Season 3 premiered late. And nowhere in the trailer, you will see Queen Elizabeth maintaining the family unit.

Crown Season 3: Released Stills

However, the released stills work like a teaser as it shows the clear moments of the story. And will tell you what will happen in the upcoming third season. The release of these stills wonders the fans as they are not expecting something like that before the premiere.




The Crown Season 3: Release Date

However, the release of the third season is not too far from the screens. As it will hit the theatres on 17th November 2019. And this third season will explore 10 episodes and all the episodes are going on Netflix. Enjoy the series and stay tuned with us for more details.


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