Sealcoating: Do You Really Need It?


Asphalt, without a doubt, is one of the go-to materials for any paving project. Its durability and affordability are highly sought after by paving contractors and property owners alike which makes it one of the top choices when it comes to paving selections. However, this does not mean that it’s free from any imperfections. Just like any normal pavement, it’s impossible for asphalt surfaces to entirely get away from damages especially from elements like water, UV rays, and snow. Through time, wear and tear will present itself and destroy your beautiful paving surface. If you’re worried about your paving investment’s life expectancy, calm yourself down. You can actually put your mind at ease by sealcoating your precious driveway or parking lot and easily turn your dreary asphalt pavement into a polished and fresh-looking paving surface. 

What is Sealcoating?

Although tough and long-lasting, asphalt is still vulnerable to several things. Water penetration, UV exposure, frost, and snow damage are just some inevitable natural elements that can give your paving a strong beating. And unless your driveway or parking lot is sealcoated properly, your pavement might meet its end sooner than you thin


Sealcoating Your Pavementworks its magic by acting as a defensive layer resistant to many components that can cause damage to asphalt. It protects your surface from damaging elements such as toxic oil chemicals from vehicles, water, UV rays, and snow. Sealcoating can also help in reducing your costs by prolonging your pavement’s life expectancy.

And this is exactly why paving professionals offer sealcoating as one of their primary services when it comes to pavement maintenance. To keep your surface in good condition at all times, a layer of sealcoat is applied for extra protection.

Advantages of Sealcoating Your Pavement
  • Prolongs your pavement’s life

As it acts as a protective layer, sealcoating helps in shielding your driveway or parking lot from any serious potential damage. Similar to how sunscreen protects your skin from UV exposure, a good quality sealcoat over your pavement can greatly protect it from damaging UV rays as well. And even at cold temperatures, it still does a good job of defending your surface’s structure from water and snow. 

All of these preventive measures will ultimately lead to your pavement’s prolonged life. 

An asphalt driveway or parking lot sealcoated by a professional contractor can indeed serve its owner for a long time.

  • Helps in avoiding repair costs

You might think that you are skipping on costs by not having your pavement coated. But you know what you are actually doing? You are letting your driveway or parking lot be exposed to damaging elements that can cause early deterioration in the form of cracks and potholes over time. Instead of skipping on sealcoating and maintenance, skip on expensive repair costs by applying a good quality sealcoat over your pavement.

  • Improves pavement appearance

Think of car wax. Other than protecting it from scratches, it gives the car a smooth, polished, and glossy look that dramatically improves its overall appearance. And by that analogy, the same goes for sealcoating where it gives any asphalt surface the shine that it needs for a smoother and more glamorous look. 

If you mind the physical appearance of your property, whether commercial or residential it might be, you might want to consider sealcoating your asphalt pavement to get a beautiful and refined finish. Not only are you following proper pavement maintenance, but you are also making a good impression from your customers with a clean and fresh-looking property.

  • Protects pavement from water and snow damage

There’s always an unnerving feeling when you get closer to winter months. Asphalt has never been good with water and the possibility of it penetrating through small cracks and freezing up is just utterly dreadful. Frozen water can create larger cracks as it expands and honestly, it’s one of the worst things ever. However, with a sealcoat over your pavement, you can easily avoid water build-up as it seals the pavement’s small cracks. This way, no water build-up can happen because it will help keep the water out.

When to Sealcoat?

If you want to be smart with your money, don’t wait for your pavement to crack and deteriorate before you consider getting a sealcoat. To get the most out of your new driveway or parking lot, reach out to your local paving company in Harrisonburg and relay to them your need for sealcoating as soon as possible. 

Although it’s not advisable to seal your asphalt as soon as it settles, it is better to communicate and coordinate your plans for sealcoating with your paving contractor ahead of time. The timing for sealing a surface depends on several factors such as the weather and the asphalt’s thickness so planning when to sealcoat helps your contractor schedule your request in the most convenient and efficient way possible. 

Ready to have a smooth, polished, and maintained asphalt pavement? Get the job done with a sealcoating application. Call your local paving company now avail their premium parking lot and driveway sealcoating and repair services now. Whether it is a commercial or residential sealcoating job, know that they’ve got your paving needs covered with a wide array of paving services offered to you only by licensed professionals.


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