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7 Ways to Give Back to the Earth

7 Ways to Give Back to the Earth

Our amazing planet provides everything we need to live. If you are interested to give back to the Earth, below are 10 ways to do so. Many of these actions go hand in hand, use this as a jumping-off point. Once you start to be mindful of the impact of your actions, you will discover many more ways to show the earth and fellow humans that you care about. You might even save some of your hard-earned money.

Three Classics

Reduce, reuse, recycle means more than being smart about purchases. It means conserving when possible and finding a unique second life for many items destined for the recycle bin, or worse, the trash.


There are many easy ways we can reduce our use of resources starting immediately. 

Conserve energy by remembering to turn off lights when they are not in use and unplug devices such as cell phone chargers when they’re not in use. It may seem small, but phantom energy accounts for a lot of power usage.

Making sure to keep the thermostat at an appropriate temperature for the season is a huge help when it comes to conserving energy. 

Next time it’s time to change your lightbulbs, opt for an energy-efficient model.

You can conserve water by turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth and choosing a quick shower over a bath when possible.


The possibilities are truly endless. Try to think of things destined for the trash or landfill and see if you can get any more use of them.

Cut old towels into smaller cleaning rags.

Use those old grocery store bags that even the best of us seem to accumulate at an astonishing rate! They are the perfect size for bathroom trash cans. They can also be used to clean your showerhead. Keep a few in your car so there is no excuse for littering!


Every city is different so you will need to do a little investigating of what your city will accept in the recycle bin. If you don’t have a service at your home, there are many stores and places that will accept items for recycling. Make it a point to save the items and take them when you’re nearby.

Shop Around

Before you buy anything, think about where it comes from, the materials used, and how long you plan on using it. Simply thinking before we buy will show us lots of room for improvement.

Sustainable Clothing

You wouldn’t believe the possibilities when it comes to sustainable clothing these days. There are many breakthroughs such as fabrics made to resemble leather, but without the drain on resources or the ethical dilemmas. Also, try to avoid the temptation of fast fashion whenever possible.

Thrift Shop

Thrifting is great for more than just clothes. You can find books, furniture, and decor. As a bonus, you can find unique vintage pieces for a steal.

Grow Something
Give back to the Earth and show your care by helping her do what she does best. With a little time and care, even the blackest thumb can become a proficient gardener.
Plant Trees

Trees are one of the biggest resources of oxygen on the planet you can give back to the Earth everything that she needed. Unfortunately, they are also a resource for many consumable goods and face deforestation. Every tree makes a difference. One tree can absorb roughly 10 pounds of polluted air in a year while producing 260 pounds of oxygen.

Community Garden

Starting your own garden at home might be a little intimidating if you’ve never grown your own food before. A community garden is a great way to hone your skills and make friends. There’s nothing like picking a tomato off the vine that you grew yourself, it just tastes better!


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