Run away with the fairies with these mystical Slots

mystical slots adventures

If you love lounging around in your pyjamas, but are also quite partial to a game or two of Slots, then why not try casino online? From the comfort of your own home you can win the big bucks whilst living your fantasy with mythical creatures and gods. Here is how you can play with mystical slots adventures.

First on our whirlwind fantasy tour is the Dragon Champions online Slot – whether you’re a princess trapped in a tower, or a knight ready to battle, there is something in this game for everyone! This game gives players a chance to walk away with a payout of over £25,000, with 4,095 ways to win every time. Gameplay starts from as little as £0.01 to get the reels spinning, with multiple bonus features popping up throughout. 

So, step up to the plate and ready yourself to take on the fiercest of dragons as you place your bet on this Slot. Bets can be placed from minimal stakes all the way up to £20, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Similar to how you’d expect to fare against a fiery dragon, the structure of this game is relatively unpredictable. Instead of neat, uniform paylines which go from left to right, you should expect to find a larger range of ways to win across the six reels. And, because of the aforementioned 4,095 routes towards the win, the coin size will always be multiplied by 40, to determine your overall stake. All of this is made worthwhile, as you’ll then find yourself playing for prizes worth up to 400x your coin size.

Once you build up your fighting rhythm, you’ll be ready to take on the sizzling “Dragonfire” feature, which promises to help boost your payout potential! This feature will expand in four directions across the reels, dominating your gameplay, and multiplying any wins that are currently in view. As you emerge from the flames, you are sure to have a few prizes follow you out, making the battle all the worthwhile!

Now, if you still have a little fire left in your tank, then why not take the Age of the Gods Apollo Power slot for a spin? Become one with the gods as you begin to play this five-reel, 50 payline bonanza, carefully crafted by Playtech. 

In this game, if you’re lucky, you will find up to two different wild symbols One of them is a regular wild, whilst the other one is something a little more special, presenting itself as a blazing hot, spiked sun, standing out on a red background. Both of these wilds will deliver a payout of up to 1,000 coins, the latter offering up some extra bonuses as well. The wilds really are the key to having a successful battle in this game, as the bonus in question, that the sun wild triggers, goes on to offer multiple re-spins across the reels! These re-spins include active wilds which lock and shift, moving across the screen as they leave a lucrative trail of prizes behind them.

If Apollo, the Greek god himself, appears in your game, then you are in for a treat! As the god of healing and medicine, Apollo plays his part by replenishing your wallet to the tune of 600x your original bet. You may also encounter Apollo’s dagger as you continue to spin the reels, which can offer up 160x your wager! As well as this, there is a golden bow and arrow symbol to be found, along with a lyre, which both fire 160x your initial stake back into your pocket. 



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