Slot Machine Slang – A glossary of Slots terminology

Slots terminology

Slots terminology are fun and exciting, and a staple game in an Online Cricket Betting ID. They combine speed, entertainment, slick graphics, and epic prizes in one casino game, but also come with a whole load of specific phrases when playing.  

So, are you stuck wondering what some of these terms means? Do you wonder what are the key words you need to know when playing Slots? If you want to have fun playing online Slots even more so, then check out our comprehensive list of all the Slots terminology jargon that you need to know. 

Basic Slot
This is the traditional type of new casino without swedish license, that usually has three or five reels showcasing different symbols. The aim is to get a winning combination or matching symbols in order to win.  

Betting Unit
This is what measures the amount you bet, and usually comes in the form of virtual coins when playing Slots terminology online. In most games, the player decides how many betting units or coins to wager.  

Bonus Feature
The benefit of an online slot game is all the additional features that come with it. A bonus feature is an aspect of the game, such as a certain symbol, that will give you something extra, free spins or a way in which to help you win. The bonus features vary between games.   

Free Spins
These are exactly what they say on the tin – spins of the reel for free, without using your own betting units. This helps to make your cash go further, and are usually a bonus feature.  

Fruit Machine
This is another term for a slot machine, traditionally used in the UK, due to the fact that original slot machines used fruit symbols. Nowadays you can still find online versions of the retro fruit machines, but a lot more themed slots are also available to play.

This refers to the main prize in the slot game, and to win it is one of the aims of playing Slots. Some games have a progressive jackpot, which is a big communal prize pool that keeps increasing until somebody wins it.  

Line Bet
This is when you bet on a particular line, as some slots let you choose how much to wager and on which different lines, when playing. 

This is the line in which you can win on with a certain combination of symbols. Some slots let you choose the lines to bet on, so you only win on the pay-line you’ve selected. Others have hundreds of possible winning pay-lines. 

This is how much you can win by playing Slots. There can be different pay-outs for each combination of symbols, and varies between Slots.  

These are the columns that you see on the screen that shows the different symbols. Most slots have three or five reels.

Only present in online Slots, RNG stands for random number generator. It is the technology used to make sure that the reels spin and their outcome are random each time, keeping the game completely fair. 

RTP stands for Return to Player, sometimes known as ‘hit frequency’. It’s the amount on average that the game will pay-out to a player, and is shown in the form of a percentage. In theory, the higher the RTP percentage, the more likely you are to win.

This refers to a type of symbol on the Slots, and offers rewards when you get a certain number of them anywhere on the reels. The extras could be free spins or bonus pay-outs. 

A spin is a turn you take on a slot machine. 

Video Slot

This phrase is used to describe most modern online Slots terminology, as it refers to the slot games that include slick, exciting graphics, sound effects and cool themes. They also tend to have more bonus features and reels compared to classic or basic Slots.  


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