Key Benefits of US EB-5 Visa


Special programs have been invented in the USA to attract foreigners seeking to invest money. They allow citizens of the country to keep their jobs. There is an American business visa, which is issued to those who invest in return for investment in local businesses.

It guarantees a direct path to the possession of a green card. We are talking about US EB-5 Visa – following such a program, it is necessary to invest in American business, namely in the commercial real estate project, which should create ten jobs for residents. On the whole, it is beneficial to both sides.

What is it?

First, it is an opportunity for wealthy foreigners to acquire a residence permit in the United States. All one has to do is invest a minimum of $800,000. Such a document can be obtained by those who are not citizens of this country but are ready to implement an investment project:

  • The establishment of a new business or the purchase of an existing one;
  • Investing at least $1050,000 or $800,000 in a new or existing business;
  • expansion of the existing case by at least 140%;
  • assisting in the form of investments in existing companies.

Program participants can contribute money to any business or go to a specialized government center. The development of the investment business project is carried out together with considering the visa application. It is approved if the designated conditions of the program are met.


There are many pros of this procedure. It is necessary to consider them in detail because this will help you form an opinion about the document, understand the peculiarities of its acquisition, and decide for yourself whether this is really what you need.

Direct Route to PR

The main advantages of an EB-5 visa include the likelihood of moving to the States. This applies to applicants and those with whom they are related and married. Only for this, you have to wait until the application on a special form is approved, and conditional green cards are received for two years. By the way, they allow you to live, work, and attend school.

The visa holder is allowed to freely enter, leave, and stay in the United States without restriction for the duration of the document.

Benefits for Family Members

The family receives similar rights and opportunities. One can get a job, be listed as a student in the local educational institutions, and use the U.S. social security system. The spouse and unmarried children under 21 can enter the country with the investor. Family members receive conditional resident status.

Flexibility in Business and Investment Opportunities

This, too, is on the list of the main advantages of the program. The U.S. is considered one of the most attractive business and living destinations worldwide. Most EB-5 projects guarantee a nominal return on investment.

Getting a potentially high return on investment is a tremendous advantage in obtaining a permanent green card. You should choose your partner and project carefully before beginning the process.

Access to U.S. Education and Scholarships

Education that meets the highest quality standards is often a key criterion for people with children interested in the program. According to research by Immigrant Invest expert Zlata Erlach, the United States leads the world in the number of top universities. Investors worldwide decide to settle on the program under consideration to bring their heirs to the U.S. and give them a chance to earn a top degree.

Travel Benefits and Freedom

One can’t get past this point, which is part of the program’s list of merits. After receiving their permanent green card, the depositor is allowed to travel freely as a local.

Potential for U.S. Citizenship

What other US EB-5 Visa Pros are, is the option to apply for citizenship after five years have passed since you started living in the country on a green card. The document opens the door to U.S. PR and then citizenship.

If there is no need or desire to become a citizen, you can stay on the green card and renew it every ten years through an expedited procedure.


Considering all the main EB-5 Visa benefits, it is possible to conclude that it is the optimal way for wealthy individuals to improve their lives and open new horizons for themselves and their loved ones. It is enough to know precisely the conditions and comply with them. Seek help from professionals to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


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