Keto Diet: 5 Keto Hacks


We want a quick and easy way of losing weight. Everyone wants to use the best diet and workout exercises to lose weight.

Here we’ll talk about the keto diet that becomes trendy nowadays and provides incredible weight loss.  Keto diet itself has a come big challenge,

so if you are looking for a fast way, then there are five keto hacks that could be helpful to boost up your initial results.

These five different hacks are different but provide quick and efficient results.

Create the Perfect keto Environment

Be prepared for the new experience. Preparation is the main part of your goals. Therefore set yourself and create a perfect environment for attaining the keto goals. It is also essential for long term results. It is a tough task to fight between emotional brain and ration brain when talking about the right food choices.

In the keto challenge remained to motivate is a hard thing. Uncontrollable cravings become too much at that time, and that’s why weight loss is so severe. In the beginning, our rational mind wins the battles.

The best way to get influences from the keto diet is to create the environment. The keto environment will remove the conflicts between your emotional and rational mind.

Changing the home food environment

Changes always start from home so that you can say goodbye to heavy carbs and unhealthy foods. You must make keto-friendly foods that easy to access inconvenient places to increase the chances of maintaining diet success.

Must reduce the portion sizes as studies also shown that up to 22 % reduction in calories can affect weight loss quickly. For sweet cravings, you must prepare some keto desserts and keto-friendly sweetener.

Many recipes also available in keto-friendly desserts, but they are not calorie-free.

Changing the food environment when on the go

A safe, prepared environment for a keto diet is a real challenge.  However, with simple changes, you can prevent weight gain during traveling. Take keto-friendly snacks while traveling.

When you grab some keto snacks on your hands, it controls your cravings and also prevents overeating.

Before going anywhere, you must check the stores and menus if that place so that you can estimate that find keto-friendly food will be difficult or not.

MCT Oils

MCT Oils
MCT Oils

MCT oil is different from other fats and goes directly into the liver, where they convert into ketones. The more significant amount of ketones helps the body to get ketosis and improve cognitive energy.

MCT oil improves your gut health and thermogenic effects that burn fat. Even the experts are saying that MCT oil is more effective than coconut oil and contains a lower number of carbons that rapidly absorbed into the body.

Exogenous Ketones Salt

Exogenous Ketones Salt

Exogenous ketones salt is considered a healthy nutritional supplement that kelp to increase the level of ketones in the body. These exogenous salt help the body during keto diet in many ways such as speedup ketones, maintain, staving off keto flu, electrolytes imbalance, suppress appetite, and increase energy.

Thes exogenous ketones supplements contain 3-4 types of BHB derived ketone salts in which sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium included. The recommended daily serving is around 2000 mg average.

Be active and exercise

In the beginning, the keto weeks are not so good, so you should keep in mind first.  When you feel keto flu, you must add some exercise and activity with the keto plan.

Keto diet suppresses the appetite, and the body does not receive enough energy to work out.  The reduction in calories can affect your daily performance.

Choose the Exercise

In keto diet, you should workout wisely. In keto diet, macronutrients such as fat increase the ability to utilize as fuel as well as during high-intensity workouts like HIIT and CrossFit.

Our body uses glycogen as fuel instead of a macronutrient. So if you are not eating in high amounts, then workout exercises can be negatively affected. Therefore the moderate in intensity exercises are suitable for the fat burning of the body.

Intermittent Fasting

As you know the keto and intermittent fasting are considered the alternative ways for shedding weight and optimizing health. The benefit of intermittent fasting is to set the number of hours in the day when you eat, and in some hours, you do not eat. Intermittent fasting regulates insulin production and control calories as well.

In this fasting, different methods are followed

Time-restricted eating: In this ratio, 16/8 and 14/10 are included. You eat 8 or 10 hours per day, and the rest of the day, you fasted.

Biweekly 5:2 method: Twice weekly, you limited 500 calories.

Alternative day fasting is similar to the 5:2 method but chooses in alternative days.

24-hour fasting: it is complete fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week.

So all these five keto hacks improve your gut health and digestive system, and you get benefits.



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