The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 6: Release date, Promo and Spoilers!

walking dead season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 6 is on the way, and fans are excited to know more about it. They want to see Carol back in action.

The sixth episode would be more exciting because the Whisperer War is in preparation with Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom. Well, Let’s see what’s new is coming in episode 6.

Promo of the Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 6

The trailer of walking dead season 10 episode 6 has released. It shows the collaboration between Daryl and Carol. They team up and step further to bring down the lead of the whisperers, Alpha. As you can watch in the trailer, Carol is describing her plan to Daryl.

Moreover, Negan comes out from Alexandria’s prison after eight years. Now there is a big question is that Will Negan join the more episodes or not?

Spoilers of The Walking Dead Season 10

The new episode of the walking dead season 10 titled is “ Bonds.” It will feature Negan, who has valuable information it would be helpful for Alpha. He is waiting for a new community that is strong enough to oppose his current captors.  He will be a member of the whisperers.

Ryan Hurst said when the audience looks Negan and Beta together, it will be one of the funniest episodes of the Walking Dead season 10.

The walking dead season 10  episode 6 will be more amazing.  In season 10, episode 6, Maggie has a lack of the heads because new ones have killed off before too long.

Yumiko came as a strong contender in the last episode. She tackles tough situations.  She leads the people at Hilltop and survives.

Well, the episode will be interesting because we’ll see the two women’s powers.

Release Date of The Walking Dead Season 10

The sixth episode of the walking dead series 10 is on the way. The episode will release on 10th November 2019 on AMC.  After the first eight episodes, the second half of the walking dead season 10  will display on-screen in early 2020.


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