John Cena’s “Playing With Fire” Movie Receives A Release Date!

John Cena's “Playing With Fire

Andy Fickman is directing a new comedy family movie in 2019. This movie’s title is “Playing With Fire”. And are you want to know, who will be the main cast in this movie?

Yes! All-time favorite John Cena is going to lead the main cast. So everybody is looking super excited to watch this comedy serial without caring about plot or storylines. Because John Cena is a hearty celebrity of a large pool of people. Fans love to see John Cena While in “Playing with Fire”.

However, the story will revolve around the firefighters who will face many glitches when they are saving three energetic children from a fired place. And moreover, I will tell you something about the main cast. As you also want to know who will assist John Cena in this movie. So let’s have a look at the cast crew of the movie.

  • John Cena will perform as Jake “Supe” Carson
  • Keegan-Michael will perform Key as Mark
  • John Leguizamo will perform as Rodrigo
  • Brianna Hildebrand will perform as Brynn
  • Dennis Haysbert will perform as Commander Richards
  • Judy Greer will perform as Dr. Amy Hicks
  • Christian Convery will perform as Will
  • Finley Rose Slater will perform as Zoey
  • Tyler Mane will perform as Axe

Moreover, John Cena was confirmed for the movie in 2018. And the further cast has been selected to enroll in the movie in January 2019.

And finally, John Cena’s “Playing with Fire” will hit the big screens on 20th March 2020. I hope you will enjoy the superstar while playing with fire in the movie.

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