How to get rid of onion smell on hands: 9 Pro Tips for All

how to get rid of onion smell on hands

Cooking with onions is a tasteful culinary experience that elevates the flavour of multiple cuisines. Although, the foul smell that stays on your hands for a long time after chopping the onions can be quite irritating. Even if you’re a professional chef or just cooking in your house, knowing how to get rid of onion smell on your hands is an important skill. In this informative content, we’ll go through multiple methods to properly get rid of onion odour, leaving your hands fresh and stink free.

Soap and Water: The Basic Method

The first term of protection against onion stink is the classic mixture of soap and water. Once you’re done dealing with onions, clean your hands vividly with soap under running water. Put extra attention on your fingertips and on the regions between your fingers. Rub your hands together for nearly 20 seconds or more to be assured that the soap penetrates and takes away any lingering onion residue.

Stainless Steel application


Stainless steel has an unbelievable capability to neutralise strong smells, adding in onion smell. After cleaning your hands, rub them against a stainless steel utensil such as a spoon, knife, or even your sink’s tap. This easy yet effective technique takes benefit of a chemical reaction between the steel and the sulphur elements in onions, effectively taking away the stink.

Citrus Zest and Juice

how to get rid of onion smell on hands

Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges consist of natural oils that can simplify down and neutralise stinky elements. Scrub your hands with a combination of citrus zest and juice, or easily rub a citrus peel in between your fists. The soothing citrus smell will alter the onion stink, keeping your hands smelling fresh and lemony.

Coffee Ground Exfoliation

Coffee grounds are not only amazing exfoliants for your skin but also really strong odour repellent.So to answer how to get rid of onion smell on hands? After cleaning your hands, rub a good amount of used coffee grounds over your skin, concentrating on the regions with the most onion stink. The weird texture of the coffee grounds assists to lift away any leftover onion oils, while the coffee’s aroma offers a comforting alternative smell.

Salt and Vinegar Scrub

salt and vinegar

A combination of salt and vinegar turns into a potent natural deodorising, a good solvent for how to get rid of onion smell on hands. Make a paste by combining equal proportions of salt and vinegar, and softly scrub your hands with it. The salt takes away the smell from your skin, while the vinegar’s acidity assists to solve down the onion stink. Wash your hands vividly after scrubbing.

Baking Soda Solution

baking soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a Multi purpose element with stink absorbing components. Make a paste by mixing baking soda with water in almost equal parts, and rub it onto your hands. Let the mixture sit for a few moments prior to washing off. Baking soda properly neutralises stinks and keeps your skin feeling refreshed.

Fresh Herbs and Spices

Nature’s elements provide a good solution for how to get rid of onion smell on hands. Nature offers a range of fragrant herbs and spices that can overpower onion stink. Cut herbs like parsley, cilantro, or mint can be massaged between your hands to take up their pleasant smell. More than that, spices like cinnamon, cloves, or vanilla extract might also help take down onion smell.

Dishwashing Liquid

how to get rid of onion smell on hands

Dishwashing liquid is made to cut through oily and food left over, effectively removing the onion smell from your hands. Put a small quantity of dish soap on your hands and rub your hands well under running water. Wash thoroughly to keep your hands fresh and clean and stink free.

Hand Sanitizer Application

Alcohol infused hand sanitizers are a good solution to the question of how to get rid of onion smell on hands? not only clean your hands but can also assist to eliminate stinks. Use a small quantity of hand sanitizer on your hands and rub them together until they dry out. The alcohol assists to break down the onion oils while evaporating easily and fast, taking the stink with it.

Quick Look Over

Cooking with onions doesn’t have to leave you with irritating onion stink hands. By incorporating these fresh and natural techniques, you can impactfully remove the impossible onion stink and enjoy a fresh, pleasant smell instead. Try out these methods to look for which ones work best for you, and by learning how to get rid of onion smell on hands say goodbye to onion-scented hands once and for all.


Q1 How long does onion smell last on your hand? 

Ans. Alliums, like onion and garlic, contain sulphur components with a very strong stink that stays on your fingers when you deal with them raw. The stink of most forms of onions can stay on your skin long after cutting or crushing them, any time from an hour to two days.

Q 2. Does Lemon Juice Really Help?

Ans. Yes, it Does. Citrus smell helps to cut down the smell of onion or garlic. 


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