How to Get Water Out of Your Ear: 5 Simple Methods

how to get water out of your ear
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Having water drip inside your any of the ears is an extremely uncomfortable and irritating experience. Even if it happens during a swim or a shower, or any activity inside a waterbody, the feeling of having liquid moving around inside your ear is a terribly frustrating experience. Although, it is not something you need to worry about anymore. Going through how to get water out of your ear, you will get to know about some easy and useful techniques to comfortably pull the water out from inside your ears, letting you eliminate your discomfort and proper hearing ability.

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear: Learn the Truth

1. Using The gravitational pull

The gravitational pull method is a very direct and usually used technique to eliminate liquid from inside the ear.

The gravitational pull method
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Follow this direction list:

  • Lean your head to that side in which ear the water got in, letting the ear in which the water got in, to be on the downward side.
  • Carefully hold and tuck on your earlobe with two fingers and shake it very mildly to form a little vacuum.
  • Hold your head in this position for a few seconds or probably a minute, permitting gravitational force to work on pulling the liquid out.

2. Using The Yawn Method

Forcing yourself to yawn might assist to normalise the air compulsion in your ears and probably also help in eliminating captivated water.

how to get water out of your ear
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Follow the given steps

  • Stretch your lips open as wide as possible as if you are almost going to yawn.
  • While you take the method of yawning your mouth open, lean your head on the affected side to make that ear face downwards.
  • Keep on repeating the method to yawn multiple times to force the liquid to run downwards and finally come out.

3. Using the Creating vacuum technique

Creating a vacuum involves the use of a suction method to take out the water that has been trapped. Keep in mind that this technique should be applied with a very caution and focused mind to avoid injury. 

vacuum technique
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Follow these steps carefully:

  • Pick a clear, dry, and vacant bottle made out of plastic.
  • Softly compress the bottle to make a vacuum by putting pressure for the air inside.
  • Face the open end of the bottle towards the ear which is affected, Being assured of a comfortable fit.
  • Eventually let go of the pressure you have put on the bottle, which will allow the suction to take out the water from inside the ear.

4. Using The Warm Cloth Pressure

A little heat might help to induce the water excretion and offer relief from the irritation and lack of hearing caused by the liquid in your ear.

how to get water out of your ear
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Follow the directions to know How to get water out of your ear with warm cloth:

  • Take a clear piece of cloth and put it in slightly warm but not hot water and squeeze out the extra water.
  • Put the warm piece of cloth against the ear which is affected and keep it there softly.
  • Keep the warm cloth for a few moments, letting the warmth loosen the water to come out of the ear.

5. Using The Alcohol and Vinegar Solution

The alcohol and vinegar together might assist in evaporating the gathered water by involving the drying method. Keep in mind that this technique is not proper for anyone with a disturbed eardrum.

Alcohol and Vinegar Solution method
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Follow the given direction:

  • Take equal portions of rubbing alcohol and normal white vinegar in a little bowl or jar.
  • Use a small dropper and put a few drops of the mixture inside  the ear that has been affected.
  • Put your head in a tilted position for nearly 30 seconds, letting the mixture go to the water and evaporate it.
  • Mildly lean your head to the alternate side to allow any leftover water to drain out.

Quick look

Having liquid gathered or dripped inside your ear can be very irritating. But by applying the right methods in the right way, a person can simply solve the issue at hand without panicking. Do not forget to be careful when applying these techniques. Also, definitely not use sharp materials or extra force, as these might bring in harmful effects to your sensitive ear build up. If the water stays or comes along with pain, discomfort, or loss of hearing, it is advised to pay a visit to a medical professional. By applying these easy and useful techniques of cleaning the water out of your ears, you can say bye to liquid in your ear and clear out your hearing abilities and bring in normalcy in no time.


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