How to factory reset PS4? PlayStation 4 is not working.

how to factory reset PS4
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Like any other appliance, gaming consoles also tend to shut down and won’t turn on for some unknown reason. It is rather frustrating, presuming that you are in the middle of a game session. What to do? Learn how to factory reset PS4 that won’t turn on. Let’s get started: 


PlayStation 4 is one of the most reliable, flexible, and feature-loaded gaming consoles. From Ghost of Tsunami, Monster Hunter, PlayersUnknown Battleground, and GTA, you can play multiple action role-playing games online on a single console. But, what if, one day, you get ready for the game of your life and out-of-the-blue, your PS4 goes dead. It just does not switch ON. According to our research, in the past few years, PS4 users have often complained about PS4’s dead situation. Now, it is possible for PlayStation 4 to not turn on for many different reasons. For example, storage issues. In this case, the PS4 warns the user about “not enough system memory” many times before it shuts down. 

how to factory reset PS4
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Wondering what to do? In our three-day PS4 technical issues resolving experience, it is best to exercise a factory reset. By doing so, you can deliver a fresh beginning to your PlayStation. However, it is noteworthy to mention that a quick factory reset on PS4 will delete all the existing data on the device. Meaning you will require to log in again to your PS4 gaming account. Apart from this, you may also require to download games again. 

Thus, we strongly recommend you create a PS4 data backup in the first place. There are multiple reasons why you need to learn how to factory reset PS4? The reason is gaming consoles tend to encounter errors, glitches, screen tearing, graphics malfunctioning, and other problems from time to time. 

Should you reset the PS4? Is there a good reason for it? 

As mentioned before, when you reset PS4 in factory mode, it exercises a hardcore deleting procedure. As a result, all the existing data, including gaming accounts, games, saved games, specific graphic settings, and other customized settings, are erased entirely. Therefore, as a game fanatic, you must have a good reason for deleting everything if you don’t want to regret your choice in the future. Also, avoid identity theft

how to factory reset PS4
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For your reference, here are some specific errors and glitches which require you to do a factory reset on PS4: 

  • In the event that your PS4 does not turn ON at all. 
  • If you are encountering PlayStation Error “CE-30005-8,” meaning that your PS4 is unable to interpret the Hard Disk Drive for reasons based on storage issues. 
  • PlayStation error “SU307460,” meaning that your recent software update on your PS4 has failed. As a result, it would not turn on. 
  • Error “NP360065,” meaning that trophy data on your PS4 contains corrupted files. To get rid of such files, a complete factory reset is suggested. 
  • Error “SU413503,” meaning that the updated file on your PS4 remains unrecognized. Thus, no further communication is possible. To resolve this, you can either re-update your software or exercise how to factory reset PS4. 
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  • You are selling PlayStation 4. To prevent your personal gaming account data and other inputs, resetting is the best option. 
  • When the PS4 often freezes or collapses in the middle of games. 
  • You are unable to download any new games because of storage problems. 
  • Your PS4 has been showing indications of oddity such as graphics malfunction, deleted games, and files, programs running without user permission, etc. It may be a sign of a PS4 malware attack. 


In all the above-mentioned circumstances, PS4 requires a factory reset. But, here’s good news, when you reset the PS4, it improves the performance and graphics quality. 

#Method 1: How to factory reset PS4 before giving it away or selling? 

More often than not, users tend to reset PS4 before giving it away to young gamers in the house. Or, for some reason, selling it online to a buyer. It is a safer way to prevent your PS4 gaming account from being hacked. Among professional gamers, the safety of gaming accounts is a priority. Yet, of course, as a professional gamer, you would not want to lose your gaming progress. Thus, the best way to factory reset PS4 is by creating a backup beforehand. 

Here’s a stepwise guide on how to factory reset PS4 without losing data. Let’s take a glance: 

STEP 1: Deactivate PS4 Gaming Account

To do so, follow the instructional Logue given below: 

  • Turn ON PS4 and go to the “dashboard/home.”
  • Tap on the “Settings” alternative provided on the screen.
  • Now, from the main menu, click on the “Account management” option. 
  • In the new menu, click on the “Activate as your primary PS4.”
  • On the next menu, tap on the “Deactivate” option. 
  • Confirm your choice by clicking “YES.”

As a result, your PS4 gaming account will be deactivated. 

how to factory reset PS4
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Tip: In the event that you do not deactivate your PS4 primary account before selling it. You will no longer be able to use the same gaming account on a different PS console. In comparison, if you are a buyer of a second-hand PS4, please run a factory reset to create your own account. 

STEP 2: Transfer PS4 Data to external device/Cloud (optional)

This step is optional, presuming that you do not want to continue gaming on the account in question. But, if you have a professional and premium paid gaming account, you must create a backup. Henceforth, when you purchase an advanced model of PS, you can start from where you left off. Here’s how: 

  • Take a USB cable and attach one end to the USB portal on PS4 and the other end to the external device. Or you can also use a USB device. 
  • Next, again, go to the PS4 settings menu from the dashboard. 
  • Further ahead, select the “Application Saved Data Management” option and click on the circular button on the PS4 controller. 
  • Next, click on the “Copy to USB Storage device” alternative. 
  • Select all the files that you want to transfer. 
  • At last, tap on the “COPY” option and wait for the process to begin. 
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Note: Do not click “Back” or disconnect PS4 in the middle of the backup procedure. It will automatically delete all files permanently. 

For PS4 premium account users – how to backup PS4 Data on Cloud? 

For PS4 premium account users, it is definitely easy to create a backup. And, it goes very quickly as well. 100GB Cloud storage is available extra-hand for PS Plus users. So, here’s how you can create a backup: 

  • Turn ON PS4 and go to the “dashboard/home.”
  • Tap on the “Settings” alternative provided on the screen.
  • Now, from the main menu, click on the “Application Saved Data Management” option. 
  • Select the “Auto-upload” alternative. 
  • Select the games for which you want to upload data to the cloud automatically. 
  • how to factory reset PS4
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Easy, right? 

STEP 3: Factory Reset PS4 

Once you have deactivated your PS4 account as primary, you will require to re-login in order to factory reset. After logging in, follow the instructional Logue given below: 

  • Turn ON PS4 and go to the “dashboard/home.”
  • Tap on the “Settings” alternative provided on the screen.
  • Now, from the main menu, click on the “Initialization” option. 
  • Click on the “Initialize PS4” alternative. 
  • Select “Full” initialize to factory reset PS4. 
  • Sit back and relax as it is a 2-hour process minimum. 
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#Method 2: How to Factory Reset PS4 without wiping the hard drive? 

This method is more reliable, presuming that you are only trying to change customized PS4 settings to default settings. Please note that this method will not delete any games, saved games, files, etc. It will only reset your PS4 in default form. 

It is also noteworthy to disclose that the PS4 default settings factory reset option is useful in the following cases: 

  • Your PS4 has been crashing and collapsing because of an unknown glitch in settings. 
  • You can no longer turn PS4 on or off the regular way.
  • You are unable to add/send invites to players playing outside the live PS4. 

Here’s how to undo customized settings on PS4: 

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  • Turn ON PS4 and go to the “dashboard/home.”
  • Tap on the “Settings” alternative provided on the screen.
  • Now, from the main menu, click on the “Initialization” option. 
  • Further ahead, Click on the “Restore default settings” alternative. 
  • Sit back and relax for the process to complete. 

#Method 3: PS4 won’t turn on. How to factory reset it? 

Is your PS4 not turning on at all? It is one of the major problems with high-tech gaming consoles. Once they are out of storage capacity, they cannot even beep! This problem causes many users to turn a blind eye to the main problem. What’s that? It’s a storage issue, and if you want your PS4 to turn on, you will need to wipe all the data and start afresh.

But, the main question stands, how to factory reset PS4 that won’t turn on? Well! It’s a simple and only a two-step process. Let’s take a glance: 

STEP 1: How to factory reset PS4 in safe mode. Open the Safe Mode

Presuming that your PS4 is not turning on, there must be a glitch. Now, to acknowledge, what’s wrong? You are required to enter safe mode. Here’s how: 

  • Press and hold the PS4 power button for at least 20 seconds. 
  • When you hear 2 beeps, release the button.
  • Once again, push the button (avoid using the controller).
  • Keep pushing it for up to 8 seconds. As a result, the PS4 will go into safe mode. 
  • To confirm its safe mode, make certain that the background is pitch black with multiple options on the screen. 
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STEP 2: Initialize PS4 (Factory reset)

  • Use the controller to navigate through options in safe mode. 
  • There are two options based on your situation – Initialize PS4 or Initialize PS4 (System software reinstall). 
  • Among these two options, pick “Initialize PS4,” only if you want to wipe all data and do not want to update new software. 
  • On the other hand, if you want to wipe data as well as reinstall software because of existing glitches, select the “Initialize PS4, reinstall system software” alternative. 
  • Wait for the process to complete. 

#Method 4: PS4 controller won’t connect. What to do? Reset it!

Have you tried factory resetting the PS4, but it hasn’t worked out? It is possible that PS4 errors have been occurring because of PS4 controller disconnectivity. Here is how you can factory reset the PS4 controller: 

Way 1: Reset PS4 controller using a backup controller

In order to navigate through PS4 controller reset options on the PS4 dashboard, you will require another controller. Next, follow the instructions provided below: 


  • To begin with, turn ON PS4 and go to the “dashboard/home.”
  • Tap on the “Settings” alternative provided on the screen.
  • Now, from the main menu, click on the “Devices” option. 
  • To be specific, select the “Bluetooth Devices” alternative. 
  • Next, select the type of controller you are using, “Dualshock,” which is common. 
  • Make certain Dualshock controller with “no light” is the one to pick. Why? The Dualshock green light controller is the one you are currently using. 
  • Then, compress the ‘MORE OPTIONS’ button on the controller itself. 
  • Select the “Forget device” alternative. 
  • At last, restart your PS4. 
  • Reconnect PS4 controller using credentials again. 

Way 2: Reset PS4 controller single-handedly

Presuming that you do not have a secondary PS4 controller available at home to reset the primary PS4 controller. There’s another option available in hand. It is called a hard reset. Here’s how to do it: 

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  • Turn off PS4 (undo wires as well).
  • Now, take the PS4 controller you want to reset and place it in a downward position.
  • Next, locate a small hole on the left side of the controller with a very tiny button inside (like SIM portals on mobile phones).
  • Now, insert the PIN-like object inside this hole, akin to a paper click or SIM pin. 
  • Once you push the button, keep it up for at least five seconds. 
  • Now, take a USB/data cable and connect it to the USB portal on the PS4 controller. 
  • Further ahead, Activate PS4 as usual. 
  • Login to the PS4 using the controller button. 
  • At last, the controller will activate and connect automatically. 

What to do next? 

Have you successfully reset your PS4 and PS4 controller? It is time to have a game marathon. Get started as now you can download new games on newly wiped off data, PlayStation.

Share your experience with us online. Unfortunately, if the tricks have not worked out for your PlayStation and it is showing white light of death, we strongly suggest you visit the nearest service center or technical experts. Thank you for your time. 


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