Fun Activities for a Girls’ Night Out

Fun Activities for a Girls

It is finally the weekend, and you and your girlfriends are excited for a girls’ night out in the city. Hanging out with your friends at the end of the week is a nice way to put an end to a hectic and busy week. Before going out, it is good to plan out your night beforehand, so you do not end up roaming about without a plan. Ask for ideas from your friends on how they wish to spend the night and include everyone’s ideas in the plan. Here are some fun activities for a girls that you and your friends can engage in for a girls’ night out.

How to Begin the Night

Begin the Night

Ask your besties to come over to your place so you can start your night together. Getting ready together and doing each other’s makeup is an enjoyable way to start the night. You can offer to fix their 15-20mm fluff mink eyelashes as it can be pretty hard to do it on your own. This is a day to be generous with your wardrobe, lend a few accessories to a friend who might need them. Style each other’s hairs and get ready to paint the town red. Have your schedule of activities in mind as you head out.

Start With a Nice Meal

Nice Meal

You need a proper meal before you start your rendezvous. You will need the strength for sure. Drop by your favorite restaurant and grab a bite to eat. Before deciding on a place to eat, always ask your friends to weigh in on what they prefer, if it’s pizzas or Chinese food. This is a night for everyone to have fun, so no one should feel left out of any decision, however minor. Eat to your fill and drink lots of water. Hydration is important.

Head to the Movies

Head to the Movies

This is one of the most exciting ways to spend the night with your friends out in the city. You can either go to the cinema to catch the latest film or head to the theater to watch a play. In order to have the best experience, consider booking a VIP package so you can be able to order drinks as you enjoy your movie. You also get the best seats in the cinema.

Visit a New Night Club

Night Club

You might want to consider going to a themed club night with your friends, depending on the atmosphere you desire for this night out with your friends. Although they aren’t for everyone, they are a fun way to change things up. A themed club night allows you the opportunity to dress up and try something a little different, whether it’s at a new bar or one you already frequent. The choice is yours.

Go to Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night

If you have ever been to karaoke night then you understand why this should be on the to-do list of a girls night out. You get to jam to your favorite songs and sing along together. Make sure everyone participates, even the shy member of the group. You can take turns singing individually, then in two and finally together as a group. Order your favorite cocktails to help you loosen up and have the best night of your life.

Go to a Live Game

Fun Activities for a Girls

If you and your friends are basketball lovers, going to an NBA game that night can be a fun way to spend the night with them. Go cheer your favorite players and grab a beer and some nachos while at it. This can be a detour from your other activities, especially if you do not plan on sitting out the whole game.

Girls Night In- Fun Activities for a Girls night out

Fun Activities for a Girls

You do not have to go out on nights that you don’t feel like it. At times it is just good to stay in and have a bonfire or a game night at home. You can have a girls spa evening and fake a bachelorette party for fun. Instead of sleeping inside the house you can have a backyard camping experience with your girlfriends.
Give each other life advice and teach one another new things. That is what friendship is. One of you may be going through a rough patch, and this is the time to provide a shoulder for them to cry on and offer them consolation. A girls’ night in is a good way to strengthen a friendship as you get to spend quality time together and bond over different things.


Whether you are going out or staying in, you are still bound to have a great deal of fun with your friends. Always ensure that you adhere to the covid 19 guidelines when you are going out so as to be safe. Have your face mask on, and your hand sanitizer should always be within reach. Try To hang out together as a group without making anyone feel left out; if any of you cannot make it for a hangout, postponing to the next weekend is a good idea. Hopefully, this piece has given you a few insights for your upcoming girl’s night this weekend with Fun Activities for a Girls.


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