How Online Fandom, Role-playing and Cosplay Have Changed Since 2000

How Online Fandom

How Online Fandom, Role-playing and Cosplay Have Changed Since 2000.Cosplay is the 21st century performance art narrative of dressing up like favourite and well-known characters and taking the stage, convention, or anywhere else by storm. Extravagant concepts come from anime, manga, geek-chic, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. and are celebrated among all age groups. However, cosplays are not restricted to the four walls of the auditorium or the confines of a convention. The internet is now flooded with platforms to share and publish cosplays of all qualities.  Cosplay has developed from the simple to very ornate.

Another type of fan narrative popular on the internet is online role-play, which is typically  adapted by numerous individuals together. It is considered to be another exceptional way of showing the world how much we adore our favourite characters, although role-playing is less likely to include the actual characters from a book, tv series, or movie.  Instead, they usually focus on the genre or setting. Several internet sites fix on subjects like Star Trek, Star Wars, or some other universe, where they choose and create new characters for their crew. 

Modern fandom narrative activities like cosplay and role-play have evolved over time. These activities are now carried out and shared throughout the internet. Independence Fleet is a website that has hosted Star Trek role playing since 2001. The platform offers an exceptional quality of Star Trek simming to both old and new fans. It’s also one of the few groups to have both traditional and open role-playing games—most groups only focus on one or the other.  In traditional role play, players only write for their own characters.  Whereas, in the case of open role-play, every character is allowed to write for the other. Cosplay has similarly evolved from mostly single individuals or costumes to elaborate choreographed groups of fans.  Both role-play and cosplay have moved from originally representing mostly cult classics to just about everything today.

What to look for in an online fan narrative platform?

  1. An evolution for cosplays or role-playing

Have you ever wondered what platforms are especially aimed for fandom? Well, they’re the ones always evolving to meet new needs. Find something that’s continuously adapting and changing with the times and trends.

2. Collaboration with other fans

Multiple characters can work with each other and write effectively for each other.  Find a platform that offers a joint experience for every player, so that they can know better know each other and feed off of each other’s creativity, brining your favourite characters to life.

3. Recognition through rewards

Groups need to reward excellence and acknowledge those who go above and beyond.  Look for a platform that regularly recognizes its members with awards. Not only might you win, but you can also see what others are doing when they’re highlighted. 

4. Easy to use play by post feature

Whether it’s cosplay or role-play, make sure the site offers an easy-to-use play by post feature to post and share content. This will foster better creativity and more sharing. This is how characters are created and story-telling is done collectively.

5. Easy and flexible registration process

The joining process should be easy and painless. Hence, it is an easily accessible platform for the modern fandom lovers. If it’s too hard to join, many creative people will be shut out.  

6. World recognition

Look for a platform that’s been recognized by others for its excellence. It allows experienced and well-known players from around the world to polish and show their skills collectively to all of fandom. This has also made modern fandom circles popular among various peer groups like gamers.

Cosplay and role-playing have come a long way in the last two decades.  Where will they be twenty years from now?  Unless you have a time-travel DeLorean, there’s no way to know.  Until then, keep cosplaying and role-playing!



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