Home Renovation Ideas 2020

Renovation Ideas 2020

Home is where the heart is, and this is right said. A home is where a person or a family spends most of the time of their lives. They make memories with the most trivial things and end up having a valuable time. Moreover, a home represents the people living inside it more than ever. The design, the layout, the colours, the furniture; every little element has its own expression. But there comes a time when the materials that make up your home start wearing down, and they need a quick makeover, just like you. then its the right time to renovate your house, starting from your bathroom, you can replace your old bathroom appliances such as your old sink with new Ada Compliant Bathroom Sinks | Rectangular Undermount Sink that will give your bathroom an elegant look. Home renovation could be the happiest of moments that could happen in your life. Although renovations can be inconvenient and hard, but the end result is incredibly beautiful and worthy of the wait. If you are tired of browsing through the internet for home Renovation Ideas 2020, this is your sign.

Sit back, relax, and read these amazing 2020 ideas that have been specially curated for home renovations in Brisbane by the best service provider in the region, i.e. Bluneer Custom Homes.

 Renovation Ideas for your home 

1. Two-toned kitchen 

The era of two-toned cabinets is long gone. No longer is the trend of having the upper cabinet of a different colour, and the lower cabinet of another is in trend. Now is the time of three-toned kitchen cabinets. In a three-tone kitchen, the cabinets are made out of three different colours or materials, as per the custom choice of the homeowners. This technique keeps the focus of the eyes on all three tones of the kitchen and makes them look popping. This trend is a part of the new renovation domination, and it is here to stay. 

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2. Blue cabinets 

The second trend that has been going on related to kitchen renovation is the use of blue cabinets and wood cabinets. Blue cabinets look so pleasant and tranquil, yet so different and attractive. Designers worldwide have predicted that blue cabinets will get more and more popular with the coming year, and it has been true. People are adopting the concept of these gorgeous blue coloured cabinets in their kitchens, and we love it. 

3. Wooden cabinets 

On the other hand, classic wood cabinets are making a comeback. The authentic look and feel of the wood cabinets will make your kitchen look like the kitchens from the renaissance period. These trends are popular for the right reasons, and there is no reason for you to stay back. 

4. Silk Panels 

If you are a person who loves to customise things for your home, then you should hop on the train of customised home designs for 2020. You can choose from your choice of design as well as colours and talking about personalised features, the one that tops the list are silk panels. These beautifully designed silk panels can be decorated with the type of design that you want for your home. These look pretty as well as the alluring look is quite commendable. 

5. Custom coloured appliances 

What is the point of designing and renovating your whole home, including the walls, floors, furniture, and everything imaginable except your appliances? This is not too good to be true. 2020 has made it possible for you to have custom coloured appliances for your home and have them match with your room’s designs or colour. This way, the appliances will match the cabinets and make your home look more consistent and honestly, trendier. 

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6. Wood cabinets + painted cabinets 

In the earlier point, we have discussed how the wood cabinets are having a comeback,  but if you do not want to go all classic, then you can try this idea of having wood cabinets in between of painted cabinets. Designers make use of wooden pieces for just a few drawers or cabinets in the kitchen or the rooms, as discussed. This contrasting look is warm yet soft and looks very modern. The mesmerising colours and the sunny wood make a great couple. 

7. Walk-in showers 

Now did you expect us to leave out the element of bathrooms and only focus on the kitchen and other rooms? Well, you are wrong, here we introduce to you the concept of walk-in showers. If you are a person who does not like taking long soaks in the bathtub or if you have a small bathroom and want to get your bathtub removed, then a walk-in shower will be perfect for you this year. The walk-in showers stand tall and mighty and are easy to get in and get out. They can be made in different designs, and the most popular has been the matte black finish with graphic floors and vanity lights. Perfection, isn’t it? 

We hope these Renovation Ideas 2020 can help with your requirements for renovating a home and make your 2020 look beautifully designed and stylish. Home renovations in Brisbane might involve a lot of time and bucks but the end result must be worthy of your efforts and should also look trendy. These Renovation Ideas 2020 have been designed for the people who want to change their home and still want to keep the homely feel alive.