Creating a theatre room in your home

Creating a theatre room in your home

What could be better than enjoying a plethora of movies and web series while sitting on your comfortable bed? Although watching movies and web series is quite possible because of the apps of Netflix and Hulu on mobile phones or laptops, it is not as fun as watching a film in a movie theatre. To recreate the same theatre vibes inside a home, you can create a theatre room in your own house. The thrill and ecstasy of having an exquisite theatre room for yourself are very overwhelming. So, if you are planning to create a theatre room in your home or are looking for ideas, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best home theatre room ideas that you can pursue and lend a distinct edge to your home. 

1. Change up your basement 

If you are looking for a perfect room in your house to turn into a movie theatre, then nothing would be more suitable than a basement. It is dark and roomy, and you can project films here all day and night long with certain ease. Paint the walls of your basement to a dark colour, could be black or a dark shade of blue, for example, navy blue. You can buy a flat-screen television for the theatre room in your home, just to see things from a bigger perspective.  The perks of changing your basement to a movie theatre are that the lighting and sound system can be controlled easily here.

2. Choose your perfect room 

Many times, people do not have basements in their home, which is valid because people tend to live in apartments these days. If you do not have a basement, it is not a problem because you can choose a spare room or a walk-in closet for the same thing. Try making use of the Little Space that you have and move out things that are not needed in the room so you can make a place for your theatre stuff. A spare guest room or a walking closet can do the same job in a basement because these places are dark as well, which provide the effects of a theatre room.

3. Decorate your theatre room 

If you want to make your theatre room look like an actual movie theatre, then you must go all out, but if you want it to look minimalistic, then you should take to decorating it in simple and easy ways. If you want to do it the formal way, then you can build and install drywall in the theatre room in your home so that it can perform the job of noise cancellation and make the movie sound better. You can also renovate the furniture in the room by removing whatever is not needed and changing up the questions and sofas by using a suede material, handle table in front of view to keep all your popcorn and drinks on it. 

4. Wiring in check 

An important step in designing a theatre room is to make sure that all the wiring in that particular room is proper and appropriate to support the sound system and lighting system that is required for a theatre room. Call a professional electrician to help you out, or you could even do it yourself with a little help of your family or friend. You have to make sure that the wiring is professionally installed and are not dangling out in the sides of the room.

5. Real cinematic experience 

Now to bring the real feel of a cinematic experience into your home, you have to change things up and make the room more fun with things like recliners, to air fresheners and wall decorations. There is a lot to decide. You could design some customized recliners for your special theatre room with a cinematic style pavilion seating with plenty of seats for you and your friends. It depends on you whether you want your theatre room’s layout to look stylish and all-out or to go for a simplistic yet elegant look. 

6. Make use of designs 

After you are done with the technical and setting aspects of your theatre room, the last part is to make use of creative designs to make your theatre room pop out. Paint the walls of your room to a dark colour for real-time movie feels or decorate the walls with designer wallpapers which depict your favourite movies or things. You can keep switching up the background or the theme of the room as per your choice and as frequently as you want. The main objective remains that your new theatre room is lavishly presented to your guests and yourself. 

Your theatre room will have you spending your whole day inside watching films with your loved ones. Switch up different designs and discuss your ideas with your pals and family and come up with something unexpected. If you are looking for a reliable end experience name in the industry to match your expectations from your home theatre, then your quest ends with Install Express. They offer professional services at unmatched prices with complete guarantee of satisfaction. So, no need to look anywhere else, just call Install Express and turn your dream into a reality. 


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