Gaming during the 2020s: bold predictions for the next decade

Gaming during the 2020s

The 2010s were quite the decade, with many sectors using tech to flourish. Who would have thought that being able to play sweepstakes online for money would become so popular? Or that crypto investment would take off in quite the way that it did? Of course, the world of video gaming was not exempt from the changes that the previous decade ushered in. The last decade was actually quite a busy one for the industry, with mobile gaming making its mark and the move towards cloud-based gaming picking up pace. In this article, you will know about Gaming during the 2020s: bold predictions for the next decade.

However, now that the 2010s are gone, it is time to look ahead to what the following 10 years could bring to gaming. What bold predictions could come true by the close of 2029? 

VR gaming set to really take off

While this is a prediction that seems to be made at the start of every new decade, it can be reasonably expected that the 2020s will properly usher in virtual reality (VR) gaming. A lot of the groundwork has already been laid for VR gaming to enter the mainstream, which will help. As this tech and media exposure continues to grow around VR gaming through the decade, it is likely that more and more people will begin to get into it. Of course, a lot will depend on the affordability of any tech needed, but with VR headsets coming down in price all the time and new VR games set to wow players, we could all be playing in a more immersive way come 2029. If you have never tried virtual reality before, then it is worth finding out how VR gaming works so that you do not get left behind.

Will physical games disappear? 

Many think that the era of physical game CDs that you put into your console or PC is going to disappear over the next decade. What will replace buying a physical game to load up though? The answer is already here in the form of digitally downloaded content. Many people globally now use platforms such as Steam to access digital content, including the upcoming State of Decay 2 release. It seems likely that this demand will grow over the next 10 years and see most people prefer the convenience and lower cost of playing video games in this way. In the end, this could mean that physical copies of games will disappear. 

The Switch could be Nintendo’s last console release

While there is no official news to confirm this, there is a feeling within the gaming community that Nintendo will not be releasing another console for a while – maybe not at all! The Switch has been a big hit for the company and really helped redefine what a video game console is in the modern age. It looks such a big future seller for Nintendo (especially if supported well) that the company may not have the need to come up with another console. To help keep money coming in from other areas, Nintendo could even consider licensing its big-brand titles such as the Super Mario games to other platforms.

Games to get more niches and more personalized

It goes without saying that developing video games relies heavily on creativity and producing something unique that stands out to people. One change that we could see in the next 10 years though is the end of trying to produce games with mass appeal. In its place, we could see game studios making very niche titles that are unconcerned with selling millions and are instead designed with a smaller audience in mind. 

This often unlocks even more creativity in terms of game development and can help titles actually gain more traction with those who dig them. This would also seem to suggest that many more niches will be created to satisfy these smaller audiences with particular tastes. As personalized content becomes more prevalent across all our lives, it would seem that games could also be targeted to us through AI-backed individual marketing.

The world of gaming is all set to change again 

Gaming overall really has changed a lot in recent years when you look at video games in general and mobile play. As the above shows, it seems that the next decade will continue with this appetite for change. This isn’t surprising as not only will the tech that gaming is built on advance, but how we like to play games will also undoubtedly change again. This is great news for gamers as we will see more powerful devices to play increasingly sophisticated titles on, as well as the above possibly coming true. 

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