What Law Firms look for in a New Lawyers?

Law Firms look for in a New Lawyers

In the event that you have completed your law degree and need to begin working in a law office, you ought to plan yourself well and conscientiously, as it is not an easy task. This article will give you clues about the things that law firms look for in a new lawyer and will help you in overcoming the selection process.

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that if you are willing to travel, your chances of finding a good job will increase considerably. Even if you are looking for work, for example, in a law firm in your city, for instance, say Brais Law Firm – Miami  FL, you should still try to work as a lawyer in another town which is near to you. A new lawyer needs to be mobile as it is a big asks in today’s world and the legal profession is no exception.

You should keep your resume well updated and make sure that it is also formally well written and understandable. It is advisable to have a basic and simple resume. The best way to stand out is through the content of your resume itself, not the continent. If possible, attach references about your previous work experiences or jobs in which you have collaborated.

Before going to the job interview for a lawyer, find out well about the characteristics of the firm, its areas of specialization, its achievements or the awards it has received and adapt your speech accordingly. Most law firms have a website that details all this information. Use it to your advantage. They think that being informed about the firm denotes interest and proactively.

The profiles that law firms seek indeed have many common traits. However, in their eagerness to differentiate themselves from the others, each one highlights some qualities over others using different mechanisms not only when hiring but also to attract future junior lawyers. And it is that the law firms in their competition to attract talent offer these young lawyers training opportunities, flexible working conditions and a career plan in the firm.

  • Putting the customer first

The first thing is to put the customer at the centre of your business. It is no longer enough to sell legal services; today, you must deliver a better customer experience. The legal profession is obsessed with “innovation,” but not with the bottom line: customer satisfaction. Successful innovators will be those who can create a better fit of the legal market between the services they offer and how consumers (clients) want (or need) to buy them.

  • Adaptability

The legal vocation, the ability to learn, adaptability to the changing environment and motivation are the fundamental requirements for the young lawyer who wants to be part of an experienced law firm.

  • Professional motivation

They are looking for a lawyer with high professional motivation, learning capacity, teamwork orientation, initiative and commitment. They are looking for professionals with the necessary social skills capable of interacting with diverse clients in a global environment, with good knowledge of new technologies and new forms of communication.

  • Active and restless

Law firms look for an active and restless person who wants to do things and go the extra mile. One of the key traits that a lawyer needs to have, is knowing how to sell himself.


In short, the fundamental skills that law firms require from new lawyers are teamwork, leadership skills and flexibility in changing situations. They also especially value communication skills and empathy with clients and colleagues and be active and innovative.



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