Vaping in TV Shows

Vaping in TV Shows

Vaping is in the news for the wrong reason these days.  From kids picking up the juul and causing a national crisis of sorts to the devices that blow up, it is definitely there in the newspapers with some bad press.  Even though there is such negative press, there has been a smattering of TV shows out there that have people vaping. In this article we will take a look at some of these famous stars and where they were vaping in the show.  Even though it is TV and we really cannot know, the vaping that they usually do on these shows is of the vaping juice variety. The same type of juice that would be sold at online vape retailers like and other online stores like it.  So, lets begin on our TV journey. In this article, you will know about Vaping in TV Shows.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a long running adult comedy that delves into different topics of the day.  In 2015, there was an episode where a couple of the major characters Baby Maggie and Grandpa Abe were shown blowing nice rings of vapor.  Of course these days there is a lot of push back on the kids who vape initiative but the show seems to poke fun at this phenomenon. Further on in the course of the thirty minute show, another character who runs the neighborhood store tries to sell Bart the main character on the show about the benefits of vaping.  He is mocking the industry as they focus on explaining that this is not for kids, yet the store owner is definitely pushing to sell it to them.  


Billions is a show that premiered in 2016 on the network Showtme.  The show as you may have thought is about a rich investment banker and his life of trying to accumulate more and take down whoever is in his way.  In one scene the main character Malin Ackerman and Damian Lewis share a few puffs from a Pax2 e cig device.  The show has a way to add some of these newsworthy things and weave them into the fabric of the show.  It is really current with these things as vape has been a topic that is quite newsworthy these days. Of course, these days, there is a bunch more vaping as it relates to the kids, so it is a wonder if they will start weaving this into the stories as well.


Neighbors although not a TV show very might should be.  It premiered in 2014 and features some prominent actors.  Zac Efron, Seth Rogan, Kelly Radnor star in this movie that features a frat house in the middle of a regular neighborhood.  There is a lot of hard partying that goes on in the movie including pot-smoking, drinking, and dancing…the semi nude kind. In one scene, the main character Zac Efron is seen vaping while he posed as a fraternity brother.  It was a scene that is quite iconic but nevertheless we do see that he was vaping and this is one of the things that college frat people do.


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