EI Dragon: Return Of A Warrior May Be Set Out For Season 2

Return Of A Warrior

A crime drama series in the Spanish Language is one of the best series. As it has got much positive response from the fans at good ratings. Arturo Pérez-Reverte is the creator of the drama who creates the series for Televisa and Univision. It was air out recently on 30th September 2019. And receives ratings 7/10 on IMBD.

Therefore, now the main question that occupies a space in fan’s minds is that is there another sequel to the story by Netflix. But no one can say anything about it. As there is no official announcement regarding the renewal of the drama for the second season?

This series discovers that this is another violent-based story involving drugs, murders, and fast-paced torturous activity.  We see that every day in the news, several times a day!

We want to relax in the evenings with novelas of happy, whimsical, family-based themes.  Novelas with characters of different classes, with romances of diverse classes!

The actors did a great job, and even the director and producers did their best. But all of them can only work with what the writers provide. And the huge failure is the screenwriting, and the lack of balance the story ended up having. Also, too many characters and little screen time.

The action scenes were well-done for the most part, but the romance was badly done. One thing is to try to do something different and get lucky, and another is to waste all this money by betting on telenovelas actors without having a decent romance plot.


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