Unforgotten Season 4: Sanjeev Break News About The Filming!

Unforgotten Season 4

Unforgotten is Bones in a different dimension with a massive focus on the emotions of the characters as they go through the story. The stories are rightly paced and length with twists at regular intervals to keep you engaged throughout.

There are only six episodes in each season. While the stories are different in each season and they are meticulously well researched and beautifully crafted. Moreover, this show has a special theme of investigating historical cases and the main two leads Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar are awesome, amazing and give priceless performances.

The stories are so humane and heart touching. This series is for those who love really good quality crime drama. Intriguing storyline and a brilliant cast including lead, supporting and the ‘seasonal’ actors.

You really can see a season a second time and pick up so much more detail. This series must come back for a 4th season! Whereas, Sanjeev posted an official tweet with Nicola and expressing that the shooting for the fourth season is just going to start. So this news can fade the sadness for those who are getting hopeless for the fourth season.

Therefore, we can expect the season in 2020. But there is no final idea about the release of Unforgotten Season 4.

This crime drama firstly released on 8th October 2015. And now the fourth season is going to start. Andy Willson will direct the drama this time. Each time they will solve a murder mystery. Now it is time to see what mystery will be going to reveal in the Unforgotten Season 4.



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