Daily Workout: Top 5 Every Day Exercises To Stay Fit

Daily Workout

Daily exercise is important for a healthy body. Every day almost 30 minutes work out or walk is recommended. Exercise is also best to lose weight. However, there are many workouts that you can do.

And keep you fit and healthy. Well, here I’m writing about the top 5 everyday exercises to stay fit. These improve muscular strength, balance, and endurance. By following these exercises on a daily basis, your blood flow in muscles and joints improves.

Moreover, your metabolism system also boosts up. With daily exercise or workout, you stay healthy and fit all the time. So let’s take a  look at these top 5 exercises.


The pushup is one of the top exercises that keeps you fit. It is very basic and effective for body weight. You should do this for 20 minutes. The movements in pushups are best for muscles and also accelerate the heart rate.

First standing with feet and hip-distance apart. Try to reach the hands to the floor and touch it. Then slowly forward your hands. No, you are perfectly in the plank position.

Start to bend the elbows and start to lower your body down to the floor. Again extends and return to start and continue until 20 minutes.


Squats are another top exercise that keeps you fit. This exercise increases the core strength of the body as well as enhance flexibility. In this exercise, major muscle parts are included, so they burn calories.

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You just force your brain to participate actively. First, focus your foot placement then distribute weight properly between the left and right leg. Keep your chest high and back straight.

Keep your thighs parallel to the ground and then slowly bring your arms in a comfortable position. Pause for one second and extend your legs and again return to starting position. Complete three sets of 20 reps daily.

Dumbbell presses

Dumbbell presses are compound exercises that utilize many muscles and joints. It is perfect because many parts move at once. It is also the best exercise for your shoulders and chests.

Just pick ab set of dumbbells. In the beginning, it starts at 10 pounds. Standing straight and keep your feet and shoulder feet apart. Move the weights upward and keep extending your arms fully.

Moreover, keep your head and neck straight. Take a small pause and then bend your elbows and lower the pressure back down. Make three sets of 12 reps and do it with some break.


Burpees is one of the most effective exercises for the whole body; it is so effective if you do correctly. It is excellent for cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.

In this exercise, first, stand straight and keep your feet and shoulder-width apart. Then start squat down with your hands. When hands reach the ground, just do your legs straight into a pushup position.

Do a pushup and cone back at the starting pushup position. Then jump the feet up to your palms by hinging at the waist. Again stand straight and bringing your arms above to your head and jump. You can make its three sets of 10 reps in the beginning and do with a small break.

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Situps are the basic exercise and effective for the abdominal muscles.  If you have any back problems, it is also best for that because it requires the upper back and shoulders to lift off the ground.

First lying down on the ground with your knees bent, feet flat, and your hands behind the head.  During the upward motion, don’t strain your neck.

When the legs reach your legs, start the controlled phase back down to the starting position. Make three sets of 15 reps in the beginning and do every game with a small break.


Here write about the top  5everyday exercises that keep you fit. These all are best for beginners as well as for daily routine. I hope you’ll find this article helpful to you.