Castle Rock Season 2 Episode 8: Here’s Everything About Tomorrow’s Episode!

Castle Rock Season 2

Castle Rock Season 2 Episode 2 will air Tomorrow, and everyone is talking about this series. The title of the episode is ” Dirty.”

In this episode, and we will see some old feud. It has reached an exciting place because of psychopath Annie Wilkes, Stephen king’s nurse from hell.

The previous episode aired last week and its title was ” The Word.” Now the next one you will able to watch on Hulu in the United States on 27th November 2019 at 10 am. the episode is 60 minutes long,

Here you can watch the trailer of the upcoming episode.

Castle Rock is the anthology series and brings all characters and themes together. Themes are all about king’s work in which Castle Rock also involved.

The show focuses on different characters groups in every season.
Salem and Misery were wondered in the previous episode on what is happening at Castle Rock.

We did not see more of Annie in it and started off with Jersusalem in 1619. Annie’s story makes it more interesting when her fate takes turn wit Marsten House.

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