Will The Dark Crystal Coming Back For Another Season: Here All You Need To Know!

The Dark Crystal

Any creative team which seeks to follow in the steps of Jim Henson has to have some serious chops and give reverent homage to the source material. The minds behind The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance bring all this to the table in spades.

The way each character animates subtly evokes the movements of the old film’s protagonists and antagonists. Now it is transforming those stilted and herky-jerky movements from the realm of pup petering into a believable repertoire of gestures. The backdrops, of course, are as stunning as modern CGI can be.

Very true to the original story serving as a prequel to “The Crystal Shard”. Age of Resistance is more engaging and exploratory than its box office predecessor, as a 10 part miniseries. The puppetry is masterful and sets a new precedent in moviemaking challenging the pervasive use of CGI.

However, CGI is using in this series, but sparingly. For those fortunate to have TVs equipped with Dolby Vision. You’ll get to watch the series at its best in vibrant colors and 4K.

If you have a compatible device capable of streaming Netflix content in Dolby Atmos, you’ll be treated to immersive sound experience. Overall, the Age of Resistance has been my favorite Netflix series of all time. It has already received critical acclaim worldwide and many including myself are anxiously awaiting Season 2!

However, the ending of season 1 throwing some unanswered theories that should be answered in season 2. Therefore, you will have season 2 will come in some future time.


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