Boxing Gym in Riverton Utah:  What Muscles Does Boxing Tone?

    Boxing Gym

    If you’re looking for the perfect workout to lose weight, tone up, and have fun, fitness boxing is the answer.  No other workout combines as much high-intensity interval training, core mobility, upper and lower body movement, agility, and coordination than fitness boxing.  And if you’re looking for a boxing gym in Riverton, Utah, you’ll definitely find a great place that supports everything you’re looking for in a fitness boxing class.

    Finding a boxing gym in Riverton, Utah can provide you with an incredibly effective muscle toning fitness routine.  But which muscle groups can you expect to tone in a fitness boxing class?  The answer is…all of them!  Boxing is a great total body workout, combing punches, and kicks that require core stability to generate power.  Here’s a closer look at the muscle groups an average fitness boxing class engages.


    1. Upper body:  It’s no secret you’re going to be punching a heavy bag hundreds of times during a class, therefore it’s a pretty safe bet your arms (from the shoulders, biceps, and triceps, down to and including your forearms) are going to get a great workout.  But did you know the average fitness boxing class also provides an incredible chest and back workout as well?  The push/pull movement of throwing and retracting a punch is akin to the push/pull movement you’d use for a push-up or pull-up; two classic back and chest strengthening exercises.  Additionally, the core movement you’ll encounter in a boxing fitness class helps stabilize and strengthen the lower back, preventing injury and improving overall posture.


    1. Midsection/core: Can a fitness boxing class give you six-pack abs?  Absolutely!  You’ve heard it said that abs are made in the kitchen, i.e. your diet determines your abdominals.  While that’s partially true, that coveted washboard stomach isn’t going to appear without cardiovascular exercise and core work.  A fitness boxing class makes use of high intensity interval training-a type of training that involves short bursts of hard effort followed by periods of brief recovery-to develop cardiovascular strength and achieve maximum caloric burn.  You’ll also learn how to generate power for your punches by using your core muscles. The tightening, rotating, and contraction of the obliques is crucial for delivering explosive kicks and punches.


    1. Glutes: Let’s face it, we’re all looking for a firmer, rounder derriere, and boxing has got your ticket to the best backside of your life.  While a fitness boxing class involves (obviously) a lot of punching and kicking, you’ll also be doing a lot of squatting, lunging, high knees, and burpees.  These movements all activate the glutes and effectively tone up the largest muscles in our bodies.  Keeping those glutes strong is important for proper hip rotation and abduction in your movement.  Keeping these areas strong prevents injury and makes you a stronger athlete.


    1. Legs: You may assume boxing is just a lot of throwing punches, but there’s way more going on than simply jabbing a bag.  Your legs will get an amazing workout in a boxing fitness class.  Delivering kicks engages every muscle group in your legs from your quads and hamstrings down to your calves.  Even your ankle strength will improve from the amount of agility required to deliver single leg kicks and lunges.  You’ll also be engaging your legs as you squat, lunge, and perform multiple full range of motion movements.

    Boxing for fitness is an effective full-body workout capable of training and toning every muscle group in the body.  The combination of high-intensity interval training and classic boxing movement delivers a total body fitness regimen second to none.  A boxing gym in Riverton, Utah can help you get the most out of your workouts and achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.



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