Big Chungus- Everything you need to know about the Meme

Big Chungus
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About Big Chungus

Big Chungus refers to a picture of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, for the most part captioned with the phrase “Big Chungus” and introduced as a game for PlayStation 4 console. “Chungus” was begat by video game journalist Jim Sterling several years before the meme became popular. Beginning in July 2019, the meme regained ironic popularity on iFunny and certain parts of Reddit, especially as a section of Reddit Moment memes.

Starting point

The picture of Bugs Bunny shows up in Merrie Melodies cartoon Wabbit Twouble, first appeared on December twentieth, 1941[1]. In the short, Bugs is deriding Elmer Fudd, who in this cartoon was made significantly more corpulent than his past. And progressively famous structure (cut demonstrated as follows).

On May 27th, 2017, an unknown 4chan user posted the picture of hefty Bugs Bunny to/lit/board (demonstrated as follows, upper left). The following appearance of the picture on 4chan can be followed to July nineteenth, 2017, with more posts containing it showing up on/lit/and different sheets soon thereafter.

On July 21st, 2017, Redditor hollerbravo transferred a screencap of 4chan string containing the picture to/r/4Chan subreddit. On July 27th, 2017, a captioned picture of large Bugs Bunny was posted by Eclectic Memes Facebook group. Moreover, the post has since been deleted, with duplicates scratched by and Onsizzle.


Big Chungus
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The name was purportedly instituted by English independent video game writer Jim Sterling. Who might regularly utilize it in different implications without a set definition. The specific date when the word was first utilized is right now unknown. Yet is assessed to be preceding December 2012.

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However, on December 26th, 2012, Urban Dictionary user Whidmark submitted a passage for “Chungus”, characterizing it as a word “meaning anything and everything, including except not constrained to a thick butt”.

More Details

The absolute first example of a meme containing the caption “Big Chungus” was posted by an unknown iFunny account on November 27th, 2016. And contained a picture of a Second life character bearing the moniker. On March twentieth, 2018, the picture of fat Bugs Bunny was first paired with the phrase by Redditor GaryTheTaco. However was not been made open until it was posted to/r/comedyheaven on December first, 2018. In a/r/OutOfTheLoop string propelled by Redditor PunkyFickle on December nineteenth, GaryTheTaco claimed authorship of the picture, giving additional confirmation in a post to/r/BigChungus subreddit.


On January fifth, 2019, Redditor turtlenometry submitted a screen capture of a Facebook page for “Karen Chungus” to the/r/BigChungus subreddit . The profile was generally coursed alongside references to the Big Chungus and Karen memes. Alongside jokes about the counter inoculation development. On January seventh, Redditor Internal_Blaze submitted a Mafia City-themed picture large scale contrasting Big Chungus with Karen Chungus to/r/memes. That day, Redditor Kwonunn submitted an image of the woman with an alternate last name in a post titled “Karen Chungus was phony. (Kinda self-evident)” submitted to/r/FuckYouKaren.

The Spread
Big Chungus

On September sixteenth, 2018,/r/BigChungus subreddit was made by Redditor youarepepemangay; in any case, the subreddit didn’t impart any association with the meme until it picked up popularity in December 2018.

On December seventh, 2018, GameStop head supervisor Justin Laufer made a Facebook post sharing an account of a client who needed to buy a game named “Big Chungus” for PlayStation 4.