Frank Miller’s Neo-Noir Comic Series “Sin City” Is Being Adapted For TV!

Sin City

Comics have been a continuing source of inspiration for Hollywood screenwriters in search of following massive series. Once The Walking Dead, a man of the cloth and therefore the Boys. Currently, Frank Miller’s Sin City is near to get a small-screen adaptation.

The American author, who already worked as producer and co-director of the 2005 pic by Henry Martyn Robert Rodriguez. Then on its 2014 sequel, is additionally concerned in developing the series. He and his director friend are at the helm of this latest adaptation overseen by legendary TV (Lost in space, Carnival Row).

For newcomers, Sin city may be a series of extraordinarily violent comics that have inspired film noirs and hard-boiled fiction novels. The plot is set in a very hot, arid town in Arizona. Wherever crime levels have soared.

To manage the bandits, the police and SWAT groups are given access to the serious weapons system, however, solely a few of them stay honest and incorrupt. The comic takes the angle of the police and therefore the bandits alternately.

The legendary TV has secure to provide the primary season and realize a network to screen it. We do not, however, understand whether or not Miller and Rodriguez are leading the series. They haven’t however found a scriptwriter either. But the content with the production studio conjointly includes a Sin city prequel within the type of an animated series.

Frank Miller had to fight for years to recover the different rights to his comics that until 2018 belonged to the Weinstein Company. It is currently within the method of declaring bankruptcy.

More Updates

Moreover, you can get more updates as the comic series returning back for second part as “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”. And the cast includes:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Mickey Rourke
  • Josh Brolin
  • Joseph Gordon
  • Levitt
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Bruce Willis
  • Eva Green
  • Ray Liotta


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