Who is Big Meech Girlfriend? Will they marry?

big meech girlfriend
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Lil Meech’s portrayal of his father Demetrius Flenory, aka Big Meech, in the series BMF shed light on the notorious drug kingpin’s life, including his romantic encounters with various women. The series sparked a demand among fans to learn more about Big Meech’s relationships. Throughout the show, Lil Meech’s character delves into Big Meech’s love life, showcasing his relationships with different women and their impact on his life. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the women romantically linked with Big Meech, as depicted in the series.

Who is Big Meech?

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Do you know about the famous BMF, “Black Mafia Family”? Let us tell you that it was founded by Big Meech and his brother named, Terry. Although they started the drug gang in their high school, the BMF began in the year 1985. However, they got caught after a few years of supply and were sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. All the allegations were true, such as drug dealing, trafficking, violence, and more. He is still there in the Oregon prison; however, his brother Terry was released from the prison in the year 2020 due to COVID-19 health concerns. 

A film that tells about Big Meech Girlfriend

In the 50 Cent-produced biographical series on Big Meech, his biological son Lil Meech took center stage, shedding light on his father’s life and the women who played a significant role in it. The series delved into every aspect of Big Meech’s life, including his romantic relationships with Tonesa Welch, Sabrina Peterson, Stephanie Hicks, and Latara Eutsey. Although the 53-year-old drug dealer was linked with these women at different times, he has never publicly acknowledged dating or marriage relationships with them. The show’s depiction suggests that Big Meech was involved with many ladies, making the statement that he was romantically linked with multiple women true.

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When did Big Meech girlfriend become a big question?

Lil Meech starred in the series named BMF and played the role of his father, Demetrius Flenory, i.e., Big Meech. The roleplay consists of Meech’s affairs and the women that came into his life. Thereafter, the demand of knowing about Big Meech Girlfriend increased by his fans. Thus, in this article, we have discussed all his relationships with beautiful ladies. 

Do you know who Big Meech’s Baby Mama is? 

First, let us tell you the meaning of Baby Mama. The one who is not currently in a relationship or married to her biological child’s father or has been separated is Baby Mama. Thus, Latarra Eutsey is the Baby Mama or biological mother of Big Meech’s son named Demetrius Flenory Junior, nicknamed Lil Meech. He is the one who has acted in his father’s role in the BMF series by STARZ TV. 

Big Meech Girlfriend Latarra Eutsey

big meech girlfriend
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There is no exact date when Big Meech started a relationship with Latarra Eutsey, but according to the age of Lil Meech, it might have started in the 90s. Moreover, the years around Demitrius Flenory Jr.’s birth can be the days when Latarra Eutsey was Big Meech Girlfriend. 

In addition, none of the ex-couple has openly talked about their relationship ever. Most probably, the end of their relationship could be at the time of Big Meech long imprisonment. With this estimation, we can say Latarra Eutsey has been Big Meech Girlfriend in the 1990s. 

Big Meech is found to be unmarried as of now. Undoubtedly, he is in prison, and prison does not allow people to marry. According to the records, Big Meech has never married anyone. 

Who is Big Meech Girlfriend currently?

As of now, Big Meech Girlfriend is not known, but he has a close relationship with Sabrina Peterson. We have a little information about her profession, her times with the drug gangster, and what she is currently doing. Let’s have a look at all the details of Sabrina Peterson. 

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Big Meech Girlfriend – Sabrina Peterson

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Sabrina’s interview with AllHipHop.com has revealed much about her relationship with the BMF leader Big Meech. The team took this interview when Sabrina returned from prison in October 2013. 

She was with her when he used to run the most well-known drug gangs in recent times. According to her, she had warned him multiple times to be secretive about his drug supplies, but he didn’t listen to him. Furthermore, Sabrina Peterson considers herself lucky that she had Meech in her life. It is because she had learned a lot about business, handling people, and making herself a priority. 

In addition, she said that she is going to start a new life after the incident. Also, she had significantly less time to talk to Meech as he only gets 300 minutes a month, and he has to speak to everyone who loves him. Thus, she gets to know more about him through his daughter. Lastly, she gave a message to all the girls not to run for the flashy life but instead find someone who can be there for them every time. 

Sabrina Peterson Detailed information

Real Name Sabrina Peterson
Birth Date 20 July, 1978
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Current Age 44 years
Profession Businesswoman, Author
Height  5’8”
Weight  68 Kilograms
Education Graduate
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Blonde

Why did Big Meech girlfriend, Sabrina Peterson, go to jail?

During their rise to power, Sabrina was a significant figure in the BMF organization, romantically involved with the gang’s founders, Terry and Big Meech. However, her involvement with the drug trade led her to get caught in the crossfire and face the same legal consequences as her former partners. Sabrina was charged with seven drug offenses, resulting in a year-long stint behind bars. Despite her involvement with the BMF organization, Sabrina’s story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the harsh reality of the drug trade’s consequences, even for those on the periphery.

Net Worth:

Sabrina Peterson successfully owns Atlanta’s The Glam Bar, a high-end salon. Moreover, Peterson is currently working on a writing project with the aim of assisting young girls to stay away from the flashy life. Importantly, Peterson has a net worth of 2 million dollars. 

Social Media

Sabrina Peterson is indeed a famous personality on Instagram with the account name ‘theglamuniversity’ with thousands of followers. She teaches all the girls there that, in contrast to having a rich boyfriend, the girls should become millionaires themselves. 


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