Best Royalty Free Music Sites You Can Use in 2020

best royalty free music

About The Best Royalty Free Music Sites 

Before we go any further, we should establish precisely what royalty free music is and isn’t. “Royalty free music is a specific kind of stock music or production music delivered for boundless use in any number of uses and productions.” As per Buzzsprout, which requires “no extra license fees owed to the writer or publisher when used.” and do contents of a recording label contract

What it isn’t is free? Indeed, it’s “free of eminences”; however, more often than not, you’ve, despite everything, got to pay for it. The good news is that you pay once for royalty free music. After that, you can use the track the same number of times as you wish. For example, on the off chance that you purchased a royalty free music license to use in a video on your website, you’d pay a solitary value whether your video received 100 views or 10,000 views.

Videvo offers free music and sound effects, as well as video footage and motion graphics, meaning you can get everything you need in one place. No need to have a million browser tabs open!  With over 247,000 clips in total on the site, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Videvo has an easy way to browse through, whether that’s animal, weather or laughter sound effects, or relaxed, eerie or inspiring music.  We think you will really enjoy using Videvo

As you can envision, the advantages of picking royalty free music – for cost, legitimateness, and ease – are colossal. Barely any companies have the opportunity or tendency to swim through the legitimate side of getting copyrighted music, considerably less the assets to pay for it. It is the reason royalty free music can be such a lifeline. For example, you’re an advertiser crafting an explainer video or an autonomous designer hoping to dispatch a game or application.

Essentially, royalty free music makes everything fair for startups, SMEs, and any other person looking to upgrade their digital substance discernibly. In this way, without further ado, we should investigate the best of the best in our definitive survey of the top 20 best Royalty Free Music Sites available in 2020.


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HookSounds is a royalty-free music website that offers some of the most high quality tracks out there, with tons of different uses. What stands HookSounds apart from its competition is that they are original, exclusive, and highly curated. They are original because they compose all of their music from the ground up with their professional producers, having new tracks added to their already big library every week.

They are also exclusive because you will never find a HookSounds track anywhere else on the internet if it’s not their website. Everything there is exclusive to them, allowing their customers to have non-repeated music in their videos, making them stand out the most. Lastly but not less important, is that their content goes through a meticulous curation process to ensure their customers are receiving only the best quality possible on the market.
Join the world of HookSounds and discover it for yourself… listen!”



With tracks available from as meager as $1, AudioJungle provides all the class of royalty free music you could want – from fly to substantial metal, through to vocals and instrumental tracks. The site additionally offers a scope of music kits and sound effects. Whatever kind of audio files you’re after, you’ll discover bounty in their assortment. AudioJungle likewise offers monthly freebies for you to appreciate. Including royalty free music, video effects, stock film, 3D resources, and stock photography. You can even commission your tracks through Envato Market. By a creative environment with more than 35,000 expert architects, music makers, and designers making all the advantages you requirement for your activities.


An auxiliary of the worldwide image library, Shutterstock, PremiumBeat’s website is anything but difficult to explore, so you can rapidly discover what you’re searching for. The ‘curated by music specialists’ library of royalty-free music offers you the cleaned feel you’ll typically get from enormous production houses. All tracks are restrictive and cleared for copyright. We like most about this site because it’s not packed with information, and the signposting is super clear. There’s no messing about with PremiumBeat. Furthermore, you’ve got Shutterstock’s support, so you can have confidence you’re managing a high caliber, reputable brand. Tracks cost $49 for a standard non-commercial, online license, or $199 for a premium license covering income creating content.

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best royalty free music


Pond5 markets itself as the “world’s biggest assortment of royalty free stock video and creative resources.” The sheer expansiveness of the media that they offer is impressive. How does a library of 500,000 tracks to look over sound? Their topical grouping of melodies is right on the money, covering everything from experience to instrumental, reflection, and even war! All of which makes it simple to choose the perfect sound for your medium. Pond5 likewise offers sound effects, eventual outcomes, and royalty free stock video. You can buy the greatest tracks from around £16 each. You can also purchase pre-purchased credit packages or go all-in with monthly (£155) or yearly (£775) participation. It is positively one of the pricier options out there.


On the off chance that there was a prize for the best-named royalty free music site, then Soundstripe would take that mantle. Be that as it may, there’s something else entirely to this site then only a pointed name. Equipped to give production music arrangements, Soundstripe varies from a portion of the sites we’ve touched on before it’s a subscription administration. Instead of methods for buying single license tracks. What that implies in actuality is that your participation enables you to access unlimited licenses to their hand-picked music assortment.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point perused Spotify’s playlists. At that point, exploring Soundstripe’s curated libraries will be a doddle. It’s unimaginably intuitive and straightforward to use with standard boundless license participation from $135 per year. And customers of the size of Amazon and Microsoft, Soundstripe has a lot to offer.


best royalty free music

Audioblocks offers unlimited access to its library of more than 100,000 tracks. Well, that is a ton of music to look through. Besides, there are no download caps. So you can download and use as much as you want. All tracks gave on Audioblocks can be used royalty free for personal or commercial ventures, and their postings are persistently updated. So you’ve generally got new audio to look over. The route is somewhat more burdensome than a portion of the past sites we’ve referenced.

You can scan for the sort of music you need. Or, you’ve helped along by a progression of prompts that request that you pick specific states of mind, kinds, and instruments before it hurls relevant recommendations—estimating goes along the monthly ($79) lines, yearly ($149), or bespoke undertaking subscriptions.

Music Vine

best royalty free music

This “desert spring of flawlessly delivered music” is moderately new to the scene, having jump-started out of Leeds, the UK, in 2015. In this way, it’s a pool of audio tracks at present restricted to 2062 tracks from 146 chronicle artists. Try not to let that put you off in any case because Music Vine go for quality over amount, delivering tracks that highlight “genuine exhibitions, genuine instruments, and genuine feeling.” The site is easy to explore. With astutely curated and outwardly satisfying libraries split out by types, states of mind, instruments, and duration. Music Vine’s licenses are evaluated by their usage, extending from $40 for a solitary web venture with a crowd of people of under 1 million (perfect for corporate or YouTube videos) through to $334 for an irregular film venture for a group of people of more than 10 million viewers.


We like the name Ben. It’s strong and trustworthy, rather like this royalty free music site from the eponymous Benjamin Tissot. Who is an author and musician situated in France. The site is somewhat busier than different options. Which makes the route a touch bumping when you first land on it. All things considered, there’s no messing about as you can get straight into the tracks with no preface or clarification. On the off chance that you’re lacking in time and up for making a plunge, at that point Bensound is an extraordinary method to test the aural waters and see where it takes you.

An incredible reward with Bensound is that as long as you acknowledge for any music used in online videos, websites or movements. At that point you’re ready to use certain tracks for free under Creative Commons License. In case you can’t credit Ben, or need marginally more extension. Then you can buy a license that begins from €24 a track or €129 for a standard yearly subscription.

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Productiontrax is a network of creatives that produce remarkable music, sound effects and stock audio that you can use free from any copyright tensions. Without any credits to buy, subscriptions or agreements. Productiontrax gives all the stock music, sound effects, stock music, audio, and production music you need when you need them. While the perusing experience probably won’t be as smooth or tastefully satisfying as a portion of our other included sites. You can simply dig directly in and buy your individual tracks. It’s speedy, basic and direct, which is a total much-needed refresher. Tracks are acutely valued from around $15 to $60.

YouTube Audio Library

best royalty free music

All things considered, as you’d anticipate from video giants YouTube, this basically does what it says on the tin. There are a lot of free (indeed, you heard us –  free!) tracks and sound effects to look over. The stripped back visuals give a false representation of an incredible asset available to you here. Rarely multi-billion-pound worldwide proposals are up for freebies. So this is a specific goldmine in case you’re delivering short YouTube explainer videos and you’re on an extremely limited spending plan. Melodies have grouped by classification, disposition, instrument, duration and attribution necessities. You may need to look through somewhat more profound to discover what you’re searching for in any case, the extent that free assets go, YouTube’s contribution is truly difficult to beat.

Stock Music Site

This is most likely our least most loved site in term of its plan. It has extremely packed and kind of heedless as far as its menus and route. However style aren’t our essential worry here and Stock Music Site isn’t without its positive characteristics concerning the tracks available. Flaunting more than 836,000 pre-cleared tracks from regarded musicians, music from this site has been used in productions by any semblance of Warner Bros, Miramax Films, Universal Pictures and numerous other top-name clients. You can buy full-length tracks that start from $44.95. And in case you’re in the market for different tracks you can get volume limits the more the you buy. Or on the other hand you can settle on a MusicPack (beginning from $99.95). Which gives you a heap of an arranger’s tracks at an intensely limited cost.

Epidemic Sound

Royalty Free Music reconsidered, is the Epidemic Sound approach to handling the complexities of music permitting. Though different libraries case to be royalty free at that point expect you to report usage and pay execution eminences, Epidemic Sound incorporates everything; bundling all the lawful rights you could require into one straightforward license. With a changed and simple to explore library of tunes, Epidemic Sound is certainly one of the more open royalty free music sites available. Single track permitting is £79 for a standard single track. While YouTube subscriptions start from as meager as £10 per month.


To be honest, TeknoAXE isn’t the prettiest. However, it’s what’s behind the entryways that matters. On the off chance that you can get over the metal-head sounding name and the ostentatious visuals, at that point there’s a strong choice to pillage. One of the extraordinary preferences of TeknoAXE is that every one of their tracks have covered by a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0). Which implies that as long as you give fitting credit you can share and adjust their melodies – in any event, for commercial use. In case you’re searching for move tracks, TeknoAXE highlights everything from breakbeat to dubstep. Or on the other hand, in the event that rock and metal are your thing, at that point you’re likewise all around provided food for. For more specialty sounds, TeknoAXE comes up bests.

Dig ccMixter

best royalty free music

Presently this is a decent looking site. With alluring symbols and an awesome opener. “You as of now have permission”. dig ccMixter gives you access to a great many hours of free music for commercial projects. With a large group of instrumental tracks undeniably fit to video game projects. Their sister site, TuneTrack, offers an expansive scope of royalty free music from proficient account artists and arrangers. Licenses start from $44 for ‘specialist’ projects, as YouTube or website videos. Furthermore, through to $222 permits to operate for commercials, film and TV projects (to name yet a couple). The user experience is to some degree cumbersome; the music does all the talking here.