Apple Raised iPhone 11 Production up to 10 Percent


The craze of the latest smartphone from Apple is not going down and after seeing the trend the company has announced to increase the production of iPhone 11 up to 10 percent which is about 8 million units. A report from Nikkei Asian provide details that Apple is doing better than the demand they expected.

Before the launch of new iPhones, Apple was quite a conservation in placing the orders because they were less when compared to the previous year’s iPhone.

Now, after the increase in the production of the iPhone 11, the volume of the series will be much higher when you compared it to the last year.

Nikkei said that according to the reports the demand for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has been quite high. That is why they are improving the production of these two cheapest models and revising the production of iPhone 11 Pro Max which is priced at Rs 1,09,900 for the lowest version.

There were also reports that suppliers were concerned and cautious regarding the higher level of order as it might not have sustained.

As seeing the trend, the demand for the iPhone 11 series is quite high and it might not be going down any time soon. The company also said that they are happy with the results but will be cautious for the time being with the production. A source said in a report that they are hoping for the peak season for iPhone 11 series to last longer as compared to the previous year models.

Apple has launched three models for the iPhone 11 series in which the starting price for the new models is lower than it launched last year. Even with the upgraded cameras in iPhone 11 which is priced at just $699 whereas iPhone XR launched last year was priced at $749.


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