Apparel for Patriots: How to Find the Right Fit?

    Apparel for Patriots

    So you’ve got a desire to rock some patriotic apparel. Where do you begin digging in deeper to find just how to uncover the right fit to fulfill your wardrobe needs. Where exactly should we start?

    Right Size

    There are different cuts and styles when it comes to most apparel choices out on the market, and finding the niche to perform a style must-have patriotic spin is a must. If you see a shirt that you like, have a basic measurement of the exact sizes when shopping online. Some XL shirts may fit more like a Large and you don’t want to have to go through the work of returning and exchanging. If you write your measurements for shorts, pants, and shirts down, there should be no issues when ordering. Where should a T-shirt fall on either a guy or a woman?

    • Arm Seams – the top of the shirt seam should go right at the beginning of your shoulder, and not beyond.
    • Length – it should cover your waistband but not fall below your hips.
    • Arm Sleeves – should fall about halfway down your arm unless the shirt is more fitted then the arms may fall just a little bit higher.

    Materials That Flatter

    Materials that flatter both sexes tend to fall into the 100% cotton blends. These are most abundant and will allow your body to have proper breathability so the material does not stick to your skin and bunch up. Some women prefer to wear a more fitted graphic tee shirt with a V-neck to accentuate the chest. While some patriotic men lean more towards either a fitted tighter graphic tee to emphasize their physique or one that fits more comfortably.

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    Confidence in the Right Branch 

    Patriots like to lean towards a certain branch of the military if they have a history either personally or family tied to express their love for that branch. Finding the right fit with pairing their choice with an all-day look may require instead of jeans or athleisure wear pants they pair a bomber jacket with a graphic tee and chinos. Wearing and layering bring on a whole new level of feeling confident in the clothes you are wearing.

    Long Sleeves vs Short Sleeves

    Some patriotic trends have you wearing a long sleeve graphic tee with a vest to head out for a morning market run. Patriots can be subtle or bold in the selection of shirts. Short sleeves are great to wear on a chilly morning if the day is set to warm up. Some short sleeve shirts even embellish the sleeves with stripes and stars or flags to show their support and love for this country. Some long sleeves can embrace a hoodie top that will definitely bring on a comforting vibe and show you are self-assured with bringing a bit of graphic design flair with attitude to your look.

    Color Selections

    Patriots like to stick to a wide selection of possibilities when it comes to the look they are after. The right fit for some might be a selection of colors they are confident in wearing like Army green, Navy blues, and camouflage textures. Some might want to explore outside of their box and go with bold grey color with a design of a rainbow stating ” this is my killing hoodie” with a flag imprint on the sleeve. Some women like a black shirt when working out that brings out their inner beauty that just says simply ”Killin It”.

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    Although people like to put themselves in a box of what they like, exploring the right apparel for patriots can mean many things! Finding a way to encourage support people to embrace and love this country is the ultimate right fit, isn’t it?