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(25) Judd Trail

Location: (Recommended Time at Location: 25 minutes)

Episodes Featured:

  • 1.15 "Homecoming"
      • Survivors catch Ethan
  • 2.15 "Maternity Leave"
      • Claire and Kate look for Rousseau
      • This is the crossing over to the bamboo area used in "Across the Sea" and "The End"
  • 3.05 "The Cost of Living"
      • Eko runs from ghosts
  • 3.20 "The Man Behind the Curtain"
      • Young Ben meets Richard
      • Notice the crossing behind him is the same one behind Kate and Claire
  • 4.02 "Confirmed Dead"
      • Survivors make pit stop on way to barracks.
  • 6.15 "Across the Sea"
      • The tree behind Locke in above picture is same tree that is behind Mother. Also, the bush over her left shoulder you can see behind Hurly in the above picture
      • located across the stream, see video
      • located across the stream, see video.
      • You can see Jacob carrying his brothers body up the hill. This is at the beginning of the trail.
  • 6.17 "The End"
      • located across the stream to the left. see video.




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