The Walking Dead Season 10: Spoilers of the second half series

The Walking Dead Season 10

The finale of walking dead season10 is in its midseason this week. Fans are waiting for the return of their favourite characters of the walking dead season. It seems that the how-to want to pick up the casts altogether for the season 10 production.

Norman Reedus announced the news via Instagram. The filming of the season 10 has wrapped up . he uploaded a picture with his on-screen BFF CArol. Well, they are all together and support each other.

Reedus talking about his characters. According to Hollywood reporters, Reedus discussed about Daryl and his handling for every situation in season 10. Reedus reported that Daryl would be a different character of the year.

moreover, e said the ghosts of people who were before are weighing on Daryl’s shoulders. Now he is a different person. Alpha came and asked for the leader.

Reedus talked about his characters and still very much influenced by his mates such as Rick, Maggie ad Glenn.

Will Negan Slaughter ALpha

There would be a dangerous part of Negan’s part. After prison, for many years, Negan runs away from Alexandria and tries to get a spot among the Whisperers. So he asks Alpha to stay with them meanwhile beta dislikes.

Things turn off, and Negan will stop two male whisperers at that time who attempting to rape a female whisperer.

After that Alpha disapproves of Negan work. She stated that it is a sign of weakness. After that conflicts occur among Alpha and Negan because he says her to a hypocrite because she allows herself to be protected.

Alpha offers a place among the whisperers, and Negan refuses and says, Maybe but I don’t want this place.”

As you the first half has already run with eight episodes. Now the second half-season will premiere in early 2020.


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