Discovery Orders 40 More Episodes Of Electric Pictures’ ‘Aussie Gold Hunters’ Season 5!

Aussie Gold Hunters Season 5

Aussie Gold Hunters Season 5 is revolving around the industry nowadays. And it is confirmed that the series will renew with a set of 40 episodes for two sequels. As you may know that the filming of the Aussie Gold Hunters’ Season 5 has been started already. And it is under the process now. And the places for the shooting are confirming in Victoria and Western Australia.

Moreover, this series will set to show the teams of gold prospectors who are always ready to take the risks for their luck.

The viewers love to watch the beautiful landscape being traversed by prospectors old and new. This show has been a great asset to the region. Everyone looks forward to watching new seasons and anxious about meeting new local characters. And especially, they love it when they find a nugget.

However, there is a spoiler about the show that are disturbing the viewers. Where the fans are anxious about watching it every week but finding it difficult to understand. What is happening with the lad who got married? They have a little girl and now his wife phoned to tell him not to come home. He is working his socks off along with her father how unfair of her.

But besides all, it shows a lot of endurance people go through for the precious metal. Australia has interesting geography. Everyone loves it all the way from Zimbabwe. Moreover, season 5 of the series will expect to release in 2020. I hope, you will again love to watch it on the screen.


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