Station 19 Has Set A Season 3 Premiere Date!

Station 19 Season 3

Station 19 is exhilarating. Each episode gets better and better and fans are absolutely in love with this show. There are action, drama, romance and extremely lovable characters. The cast is phenomenal and makes binge-watching the series even more fun and enjoyable.

Some may argue the show is weak and lacking but highly exciting. Station 19 is highly well-written and is an amazing eye-opener to the world of Fire Fighters. Especially for young girls, there are amazing performances of Jaina, Danielle, and Barrett. This series will keep you on the edge of your seats and definitely brings the heat.

I hope the show continues for many more seasons; it definitely deserves to. Pruitt was older and since he was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the series. But it is expected that Jack or Travis wouldn’t die.

Travis needed surgery to fix his heart from the skyscraper fire. Jack passed out but then regained consciousness in the season two premiere. Nobody ended up dying. If it was Pruitt that had died, Andy would have had nobody because her mom had already died.

Station 19 did get a new captain. Robert Sullivan is so handsome. He and Andy should end up together. They are perfect for each other. However, the good ratings of the show will push Grey’s Anatomy for another season. And if the ratings are just like as previous then it may not continue. But what will happen will decide later.


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