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Pauahi Tower

This tower is located in the business district of downtown Honolulu on Bishop St.

See also: Tamarind Park and Bishop and Hotel


This tower is adjacent to two outdoor Lost filming locations, Tamarind Park, and the corner of Bishop and Hotel streets.

This is a busy commercial property. The building is constructed such that there are no views corresponding to the screencap (facing the Executive Centre) in the public area outside the elevators on all floors. There is often an open office area with a window visible from the elevator area on each floor, but the architecture is such that it faces exactly the opposite direction; the correct view may only be accessed through units behind closed doors in the other direction.

The Pauahi is an office tower featuring bronze-tinted glass and a 3-story lobby adorned with imported Travertine marble. It is 350 ft (107m) high, and has 28 floors, has 43,664 sq. meters of floor area, and was completed in 1984.

The tower visible across the street in the screencap is the Executive Center at 1088 Bishop St. (Phone: 808 539-3000), which is also 350 ft (107) high, and was also completed in 1984. However it has 41 floors and 72,992 sq. meters of floor area. It is a mixed use building and contains an Aston Hotel with 116 rooms.

1001 Bishop St.
Honolulu, HI 96813


If street parking is not available, municipal lots marked "Chinatown parking" are the least expensive; one of the closest is on Bethel St.'s lefthand side just north (Mauka) of the intersection with King St.

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A ground level view of the same buildings across the street.

The right tower is Pauahi Tower, where Hurley's financial advisor's office was filmed. The center blue tower is the screencap's righthand tower with dark windows. The low building at center is also in the screencap at low center. The building at far left is in the screencap at the left-- note the same rectangular columns at ground level.

Hurley consults his financial planner.

A view from the 2nd floor lobby. The building visible across the street is a hotel: The Aston at the Executive Centre.

The exact unit and its floor are unknown.
Episode 1x21 The Greater Good

Sayid is apprehended at London Heathrow Airport

The second floor mezzanine: Note the imported Travertine marble on the walls. The rightside rear window matches the scene, and was dark because the scene was apparently shot at night. The EXIT sign and elevator corridor just beyond it also match, as do the ceiling details.

The lighted glass at the rear left is not a window, but an art display case from the filming location.

Artwork is always on display in Pauahi Tower's second floor mezzanine.

Again the windows are either covered, or it is night. Note the light prop resting on the wall-mounted thermostat.

The thermostat is visible here, as are the wooden structures, which are revealed to be more art display kiosks. The windows in the background also match,

The entrance is on the makai (oceanside) face of the building; it is not on the street side.

The entrance area is set within Tamarind Park, another Lost filming location from this episode.

Looking down Bishop Street: Pauahi Tower on the left, and The Executive Centre at the right.

Travelling down Bishop St brings us near the buildings at the intersection with Hotel St. Does this scene look familiar? The camera's point of view is located precisely where Michael made a phone call then had a pedestrian accident in Episode 1x14 Special.
Episode 6x13 The Last Recruit

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