What To Expect From Elite Season 3! Have Details!

Elite Season 3

Elite is a Spanish Web-television drama series of Hollywood cinema screens. This series is about the three teenagers’ school fellows who are going to some private sector in Spain. However, the series got fame with the passage of time. And fans are getting addicted to the series of these youngsters.

Moreover, this crime drama series also contain thriller and adventure. The show has recently dropped the second season to enhance the story. And now the showrunner is planning to introduce another season 3.

Gossip girl meets American horror story meets locked up abroad. However, this is not a horror story but it shows the aspects of how cruel and evil people really are. Even teenagers. That’s where gossip girl comes into play.

Members of the elite, born with the birthright. And others struggling with their race and money. They are welcomed into the school on a scholarship by one of the rich parents. Moreover, it is an amazing series that has an engaging plot twist.

Therefore, Netflix announced that season 3 is coming back as a third sequel of the series. But there is no final date announced till yet. But it is expected that you will see the Elite Season 2 at the start of 2020. And the filming will start soon for this upcoming third sequel. Therefore, there is no trailer for season 3.

Cast Details

Moreover, it will expect that the whole cast will rejoin the series in season 3. And you may see the following in this season.

  • Lu as Danna Paola
  • Omar as Omar Ayuso
  • Ander as Arón Piper
  • Nadia as Mina El Hammani
  • Polo as Álvaro Rico
  • Guzmán as Miguel Bernardeau
  • Carla as Ester Expósito

Moreover, the following characters will be new to the series.

  • Valerio as Jorge Lopez
  • Rebeca as Claudia Salas
  • Cayetana as Georgina Amoros


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