What Are Compression Socks?

    What Are Compression Socks

    Compression socks are socking that works for you. While most socks only serve to pad your feet while you wear shoes, compression socks do so much more. Compression socks can fit your foot up to the knee or provide benefits while only reaching up to the ankle.

    Are you asking yourself, “What are compression socks, and can they benefit me?” Here’s what you need to know about these awesome socks.

    How Do Compression Socks Work?

    Compression is a medical technology that is utilized by compression socks. Compression can improve lymphatic and blood circulation. By applying pressure, these socks keep blood from pooling in the veins and aid your heart and circulation system in moving fluids throughout your body. Compression socks can prevent varicose veins or reduce symptoms, which is important since as many as 40 million people in the US suffer from this painful condition.

    What Are Compression Sock Types?

    Many people are surprised to learn is more than one type of compression socks and that each type is useful for different people and purposes. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of compression socks.

    Knee-High Compression Socks

    These are the compression socks that most people think of when they think of compression socks. Knee-high compression socks improve circulation from the tips of your toes all the way up to your knees. They can dramatically improve your circulatory health. Improved circulation has a myriad of benefits.

    Wearing knee-high compression socks can make you feel more energetic throughout the day and decrease soreness in your feet and legs at the end of a long day. Furthermore, these socks will aid in lactic acid removal, which reduces muscle soreness when you’ve been exercising. This makes these socks a favourite and even a necessity for many athletes and regular people with aerobic exercise routines.

    Knee-high socks are also excellent for travel or any time when you will be sitting for prolonged periods since they help blood move and reduce the incidence of clots and blood pooling in the feet, which can lead to pain and fatigue.

    Ankle Compression Socks

    Knee-high compression socks are very effective, but they aren’t always practical for everyone or every purpose. Having socks up to your knees can be hot on warm days, and while you can find very stylish knee-high compression socks, they aren’t appropriate for every style.

    Ankle compression socks are visually indistinguishable from any other ankle-high socks, but they have many more benefits and do much more work for you than the average sock. Well-made ankle compression socks are thin and lightweight and don’t let your shoe slip or slide around on your foot.

    They provide extensive arch compression with 360-degree support, which will make your feet feel better throughout the day and keep your feet healthier throughout your life.

    What Are Compression Socks Made With Merino Wool?

    As you are shopping for compression socks, you may find versions made of Merino wool. These socks may come at slightly higher price tags than other socks, but they are worth every penny. Merino wool naturally regulates your temperature by whisking away sweat and keeping your feet warmer in cold temperatures and cooler in warm temperatures.

    Furthermore, Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, which helps to prevent odour. This characteristic is essential for people who wear their compression socks all day, every day.

    Get Your High-Quality Compression Socks Today

    What are compression socks? They are your secret to health and comfort, every day. Throw out the standard socks that do nothing for you but provide some padding for your shoes, and get yourself some compression socks that work for you.

    Whether you exercise regularly and want to improve muscle recovery and function, have a medical condition that affects your circulation, frequently travel, or just want more comfortable socks, excellent high-quality compression socks are an excellent choice.


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