Top 3 Most Famous Online Bingo Site Winners


The simplicity of online bingo and online slots is probably one the biggest reasons its such a classic in online casino games. With online bingo, you spin a tumbler, pop a numbered ball, and then mark it off a sheet till you get a winning line or full house. There’s also a range of bingo games from the rapid 30-ball game, the 75-ball game, and the 90-ball game. With online slots, you spin the reels at the click of a button for a chance to win cash prizes.

The rise in popularity has also led to those few fortunate Jackpot winners. Read on to find out who the top 3 biggest Jackpot winners are in online bingo. 

Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit for information on how to gamble safely.

John Orchard

In 2012, 60 year old man of Long Sutton in Lincolnshire – John Sutton, lived a normal life as a job center employee when one morning he became an overnight millionaire after he won £5.9 million while playing on Butlers Bingo – with only a 30p bet! After revealing the wonderful news to his wife, Orchard retired from his job and the first thing he bought was a Jaguar FX and took a trip to Center Parcs. 

Anne Marie Farrar

Imagine winning a £3.4 million Jackpot with only 15p. In 2015, Anne Marie Farrar, a single mom to two kids in Halifax was playing the Iceland Bingo when her whole life turned upside down. Having won this money, Anne Marie, planned to take her two kids to Disneyland and also bought a 3 bedroom house in her hometown. She also planned to take a trip to Europe and Florida. At the age of 26, Anne Marie also planned to buy her first ever car, a VW Golf, once she’d learnt to drive!

Anne Marie also said that she still planned to go to work at a café, as she wanted to stay grounded!

Lisa Potter

In 2012 again, Lisa Potter won a staggering £1.3 million (£1,364,745.23 to be exact) on Ladbrokes online bingo. This wonderful turn of events occurred when the bored mother of three decided to bet £5 on online bingo while her partner watched the Euro 2012. Lisa planned on spending her money to buy a new house, car, and a holiday to Gran Canaria – her first holiday after six years! The rest of the money would be saved and used for her three children in the future. 


Of course, no one ever knows when or if they’ll ever hit the lottery. For these three, who are still in the top three highest winnings from online bingo sites to date, they had a very unexpected turn of events that turned their life round for the better. Where they all are now is not known, however we can hope that they’re all living a more comfortable life with their huge Jackpot wins. It’s not just with bingo that players can be in with a chance of winning the Jackpot – there’s also the online slots that offer the same possibility!


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