What to Look in CBD Products

Look in CBD Products
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CBD is one of the newest products available and is being added to just about everything. You can find CBD oil, edibles, topical creams and more. Looking for the right CBD is important when you’re choosing a product of seemingly endless variety and producers. Below are a few guidelines you can follow to help you find the right CBD for your needs.. In this article you will know about What to Look in CBD Products-

Extraction Method

Three common methods to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant are solvent, olive oil and CO2. In general, extraction involves applying pressure or additives to the hemp material until the CBD oil is released.

Lower quality oils use an inexpensive solvent method, which means that butane or other solvents were used during the extraction process. This method extracts not only the CBD but also the chlorophyll of the plant that can cause a bitter taste in the end product. Higher quality CBD is extracted using a CO2 method that maintains terpenes and other chemical compounds for a pure CBD oil with no chlorophyll.

Hemp Growing Standards

If you want good CBD oil, then you need a good plant. A good product will list where it sources its plants from and any growing standards they adhere to. If a product doesn’t show this, then it might mean that they have lower growing standards or source the hemp internationally. Better standards mean healthier plants and that leads to quality CBD.

Third-Party Testing

Any company can promise to have a certain amount of CBD, but without testing to back that claim up you are literally just taking their word for it. Not only that, but testing ensures that nothing else got into the product that could be harmful. This keeps the supplier honest and shows that the manufacturer has nothing to hide. There are no guidelines forcing testing yet, so these companies are willingly going the extra mile for their customers.

You’ll want to see a CBD COA, or Certificate of Analysis. Try to access the results if you can and see what they revealed. The results will often be public or easy to access by asking the manufacturer. This can show you if the oil is clean or if there are heavy metals present.

Glass Containers

CBD oils and products come in various containers and packages. This may not seem important at first, but you’ll want to choose the right packaging for the highest-quality CBD. Plastic containers are not as good as glass for oil tinctures because glass is impermeable and does not break down over time or release chemicals into the liquid they contain. You will also have less chance of puncturing or damaging the bottle that could cause leaking and loss of valuable product.

It’s even better if you get dark, amber-colored glass because this blocks the sun and prevents it from degrading the oil. Remember to close the lid and seal your product after each use to protect it from denaturing from exposure to air.

Consider Type and Amount

CBD comes in many types and amounts. You can get oil, tinctures, edibles and more. There are also varying strengths. You will want to get a CBD oil that best matches your needs, preferences and experience. If you haven’t used CBD before, then you don’t want to get the strongest potency. You want to see how your body reacts before getting something stronger.

In terms of type, consider how you would like to carry and use the CBD. CBD Oil tinctures can be pure or have additional beneficial ingredients like melatonin and come in small bottles with droppers for easy portability. Edibles can be tasty and gummies in particular are very popular for daily use. Topicals like lotions or creams are perfect for localized needs and can contain skin nourishing extras like vitamin E or aloe vera. 


CBD products come in many strengths and varieties. Finding the right one can seem impossible if you don’t know what to look for. Start with a lower potency and try different delivery methods to see what works best for you. Take the extra time to research the company paying attention to the growing and sourcing standards, extraction method and third-party testing. A trustworthy CBD producer will be transparent about all of these topics. If you do this, then you’ll have no problem finding the right CBD product for you and start enjoying better health today.


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