Titans Season 2: Episode 3 “Ghosts” : Written Update, Review

Titans Season 3

Titans Season 2 Episode 3 Entitled “Ghosts” aired on September 20, 2019. In the third episode, we witnessed old titans’ return to the Titans tower to combat with Dr. Arthr, and also Deathstroke.

In the third episode, we see that Dawn, Hank, and Donna get back to the Titans’ base where they find the ghosts of their past. All of them gather to find a way to fight with Dr. Light but neither of Dawn, Hank, and Donna wants to stay there after that. Dick tells them about Deathstroke’s return and also about Rose’s presence at Titans’ base. He says he will figure out what to do with Deathstroke’s daughter and all they have to do is just to deal with Dr. Light.

On the other hand, we see Dr. Light and Deathstroke together planning against Titans. Deathstroke says that he wants to play with their minds. He just wants to break them out by splitting the weak ones from the team one by one.

Apparently, Rose tells Dick that she wants to take Deathstroke down as he killed her brother.

Rachel, Jason, and Gar keep on practicing but during a training session loses hold on her powers and tries to kill Jason.

Consequently, on knowing about Dr. Light’s whereabouts, Dick, Dawn, Hank, and Donna rush to defy him leaving Jason and the rest of the Titans behind. Jason doesn’t like the idea and after Dick and others come back empty-handed, Jason gets furious with Dick. He starts thinking like Dick is underestimating him.

On the other hand, Kory deals with her planet fellow who has come to take her back as she’s to be the Queen of her people. Kory’s sister Blackfire wants her back but Kory doesn’t want to leave Earth. Meanwhile, Kory gets a call from Rachel who’s upset over her changed personality. Rachel starts feeling different and she thinks she has become something else, there’s something inside her which she’s trying to control but can’t. After receiving her call, Kory decides to go to her entrapping Faddei on her ship.

Meanwhile, Gar and Jason find about Dr. Light’s location but Jason stops Gar from informing Dick. Jason decides to show Dick that he’s worthy of doing something. They both head towards Dr. Light where Jason beat him badly but Deathstroke arrives there and Gar upon listening to Jason’s screams reaches there and finds blood on the floor.


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