This is Us Season 4 Episode 9: So Long, Marianne is a new hint !

This Is Us Season 4

The episode 9 of This is Us season 4 will air tonight at NBC in the United States. The story will deal with the Pearson family.

They gather for the thanksgiving at Randall’s Philadelphia townhouse. It is a comedy series, and the ninth episode will air on NBC with 60-minute duration. Dan Fogelman is the creator of the show.

There will be an emotional episode where we’ll see the Pearson’s together at Randall’s Philly home. There will be some familiar and unfamiliar guests. Family members will see each other after a long time.

Therefore thanksgiving will be an awkward time for all of them after such a long time.

There will be two new guests in the list of Pearson Thanksgiving lunch in which Uncle Nicky and Deja’s mother Shauna are included.

Here is a trailer of the show

As we know, the show is trying to solve Rebeca’s problem. Hence in tonight’s episode So Long, Marianne would be a big hint at Rebeca’s dementia problem.

So don’t forget to watch the latest episode. You can get live streaming on NBC.


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