Steam Halloween Sale: A Real Slasher With Up To 66% Price Cuts On Big-Name Games!

Steam Halloween

Halloween is just a few hours away from all of us now. And this Eve is not letting us all. It will always bring some new sales and discounts on all related to Eve.

One of the greatest is Steam Sale that has begun recently. And it provides a great discount on all horror games up to 66%. All lovers of horror games have an amazing chance to get their wishes to come true. You can buy big-Name games on a very excise discount.

You can check this in an official tweet as below:

This sale has a very limited time and will close on 1st November 2019 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. So don’t be late just go online and get some astonishing games that you love.

If you don’t have much knowledge about it then I will explain to you here a few discounted games that are great to play.

Vampyr – $17

From the manufacturers of the famous Life Is Strange, this open-world evil spirit sim takes place in pre-Victorian London and features a really participating story (as you’d expect given the developer). It’s an appropriately fascinating action RPG, even though some parts – just like the combat – don’t quite hit the mark.

Call of Cthulhu – $20

Call of Cthulhu will indulge you in the world of creepiness and madness. Strange creatures, weird science, and sinister cults dominate the Cthulhu Mythos, out to realizing their mad schemes to bring on the top of everything.

And this is a great chance to fight against some thrilling actions at a very discounted price.

The Evil Within 2 – $20

This game should’ve made the game of the year of 2017. The game really shines during these cinematic scripted times though, and that makes the game worth a buy. It is nerve-racking and keeps you drawn into what’s happening as the story plays out. These times in the game are never dull.

The story seemed dull and kind of lame at first but over time it has me drawn into it and wondering.

Outlast 2 – $7.50

A horror masterpiece; Outlast 2 continues the horror of Outlast flawlessly, with a terrifying storyline and shocking visuals. This game stands as a perfect example of what horror games should strive to be. The enemies are extremely more hostile and sometimes they attack you as a group or swarm you witch is amazing. The new mechanics such as crawling swimming feel absolutely amazing.

Inside – $7

Inside is a beautiful game that tells the story of a brave, young man who sets off traveling through treacherous terrain and large, murky buildings. As he explores the discovers a race of the ‘dull people’ who reflect what we as a society may imminently be turning into.

SOMA – $4.50

A very well made a survival horror game. The overall concept of this game was brilliant. There is a moment when you have to go really deep into the ocean that descending part still gives you the chills. The game provides an amazing environment that you can hardly escape.

The ending left a bitter aftertaste, which is great. The spawning of the monsters (especially the one in Theta) is a bit frustrating. However, that didn’t stop you from enjoying the game.

Resident Evil 2 – $30

The nostalgia of the 90s, horrifying experience, simple yet creative environment, and brutal enemies especially the bosses. This game is freaking amazing the mechanics of it are perfect.

Dead Rising 4 – $14.99

The original voice actor and franks look to make sense of the change of attitude since he’s in his 50’s in 4 and the look a bit. This is one of the best in the series.


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