Simpsons Season 31 Episode 8: Preview And Streaming Details!

Simpsons Season 31

The Simpsons created by Matt Groening is an all-time favorite animated show because it shows a lot of Homer to its fans. It includes amazing characters and most of the predicaments the family gets into.

People like this series very much. As all of you may know that it is one of the longest anime series as its 31st season is running on the screens now. People will now assume more from the show.

This is a special season in that; it’s the last time to feature the voice abilities of revenant co-star Russi Taylor who died on 26th July 2019. Russi has been with The Simpsons since the terribly starting of the show. The character of this anime like Martin patrician, Sherri and Terri, and Üter Zörker.

For this season, Taylors actors will be voiced by actor gray griffin (also referred to as gray DeLisle). He starts off with the episode “Marge the Lumberjill.” The last episode to feature Taylor’s voice is “Thanksgiving of Horror.”

This episode airy later as a result of it absolutely is a part of the previous season’s production run. Regular to air getting ready for Thanksgiving. Check out the promo below:

Moreover, the Simpsons show is an animated broadcast that talks regarding the everyday antics of a dysfunctional family. And everyone knows this family as “The Simpsons”.

Therefore, it becomes the longest-running animated series in prime time network TV. And will air out on 24th November 2019. The FOX channel will stream it in the USA at 8:00 PM. I hope you will find a lot more fun in the 25 minutes of the running time of this episode.


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